Ye Olde Castle Faire


Hear ye, hear ye! To the King’s Faire at Ye Olde Castle!

Unfortunately, due the lack of people, the castle grounds have gone down in standard and in disrepair. We need some help gathering supplies to make this place as fairy-tale like as we had it in the past!

Please feel free to wander the castle grounds and look at the sign posts where we need the most help, we will generously pay for your services. Food and shelter will be provided at the castle at the generosity of the King.

[Help Needed]
Knight’s Joust & Gauntlet (PvP)
Merchant’s Lane
Costume Contest Stage
King’s Castle Tour
Carriage Racing
Food Court
Petting Zoo

The quicker we can get the supplies to get this place running, the quicker we can open up and let everyone enjoy the festivities!

Ye Olde Castle Faire Schedule TBA
Check back here to see what has been completed and when that event will take place!
[In-Progress] = Project has been started.
[Completed] = Materials have been gathered 100%
[Pending] = Scheduling taking place.

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