Why I Think Shoving Should Be Disabled


Shoving. It’s The Thing That Ruins Parkour Should It Be Disabled on Connected Camps I Think Yes. You See Shoving Ruins Games Such As Run Or Die And the Hardcore Parkour And Other Camper/Mod Made Games. Also When A Player Goes AFK In Survival They Can Be Easily Pushed To Their Death Those Are All My Points While Writing This I Found A AntiCollision Plugin on Spigot It’s Called AntiCollision | Disable player collision If Pizza Wants To Install It. Anyways Flame Out Bye!


Capital Letters On The Start Of Each Word. It Is The Thing That Ruins My Eyes. Plz No.


You Just Used Capital Letters On The Start Of Each Word…


Will Everyone Stop Capitalizing All Their Words. My Eyes Hurt Reading This.


Agreed Why Does Everyone Think It Is Okay To Murder Each Others Eyes


You Are Still Murdering My Eyes Help


Hi there!
First off, as a matter of ettiquette, yeah please don’t do the capitalization thing.
I think instead of resorting to tools, maybe we should talk to those who shove and work out how to better share the courses. A technological approach is great, but getting people to be considerate from the get go is even better, yeah? :slight_smile:
I’ll see if I can find a good way of helping you with this next time I’m on!

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