Welcome to Architecture Club: Holodeck Overview


Welcome to Architecture Club! If you’re here, you love to design and build interesting structures in Minecraft. Every time you log into the Architecture Club you’ll find yourself in The Holodeck. Here you’ll find four choices of worlds to work in: The Amazon, Atlantis, Mars, or Venus. Each of these places has different rules for the buildings made there.

When you enter an area you wish to build in, make sure you’re in the appropriate chat channel! If you’re in the wrong channel, no one will hear you!

##The Amazon
A dense rainforest as far as the eye can see. Natural materials and camoflauge are the main principles here.
Rules: Treehouses only, no metal or redstone, must be hidden from the ground, local materials only.
More info on The Amazon world.

A frozen ocean stretching out in every direction. The goal here is to make a grand underwater city, habitable by air-breathers.
Rules: Enclosed spaces only, no leaks! Communal living, cannot breach the surface of the water (unless it’s an entrance).
More info on Atlantis world

A cold, treacherous planet. Not only will we need food and water, but we’ll need air too! Sandstorms are common here, so be sure to shield all the windows!
Rules: Enclosed spaces only, tinted and shuttered windows, communal living
More info on Mars world

Colonizing Venus is a go! But the ground is far too hot and high-pressure to be habitable. The air is just fine though! Here we build an idyllic life in the air. Floating buildings, air baloons, and elytras are standard here.
Rules: No connections to the ground whatsoever, buildings must be connected by bridges, all buildings must be near or above cloud level
More info on Venus world

##General Weekly Schedule:
Each day there’s a topic for each community to address. Follow the links to see specific daily challenges for each world.
The Amazon

Day 1: Housing and Community - Consider the things people in your chosen world would need to survive. Think about the environment and special things you may need to live there.

Day 2: Commerce - Consider the resources present in your world; What would be highly valued in that environemnt? What materials would be used as building materials and what would be used as currency?

Day 3: Transportation - What are the best ways to explore your world? Build transportation systems for your community.

Day 4: THE ULTIMATE TEST - Today we put your communities to the test by changing the entire server to Survival Mode! Did you follow the criteria? Will your cities provide safe and sustainable living for your community?

Day 5: Decoration and Closing Ceremonies - Place the final touches on your communities and decorate for a grand firework festival.

For more info about any of these areas, follow the links to the deticated forum topics.

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