Weekend Bed wars PVP


Hi all! BedWars has come to Glowstone for real!

Every weekend we’ll be running bed wars 4-6 pm PDT Come join us and see who can build the best!

The rules so far!
When a match begins, the lobby team choice is open for 2 minutes, where people can join a team of their choice! After this time the lobby is close to all but new players!
Right click your bed when you start, to make sure you can respawn!
There are generators for iron and gold at your base, and diamonds in the island out in front of your base! Do your best to gain control of them and build up your base to keep people from invading!
If a team invades your base, they can kill your NPCs and take anything lieing around, don’t let them!
If your bed is destroyed your team needs to rebuild it, or once you’re all dead your team is out!
Once only one team remains the game is over and

Upcoming features!
Dynamic respawn and announcements when a bed is broken! Once implemented, no longer will you have to worry about building around your bed, as long as it’s there!
Not sure who your teammates are? Stay tuned for better team colors!
Base upgrades! - Not enough space for your base? Bring back a bounty of emeralds to expand your base with more NPCs and a safer, higher bed!

Known Issues:
If bed is blocked, this may keep players from properly respawning into their base - please do not place blocks on top of or directly next to the bed.

Resolved issues:
Players now properly respawn at their bed so long as it is not blocked

Feel free to leave feedback below, as well as possible improvements! Thanks!


that sounds awesome! I hope you guys are as ready to play this new&improved version as I am. :smiley:


Make it so you can buy armour instead of crafting it :slight_smile:

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