Week of 7/25-7/29 Game Design Camp


Alright guys, first day of camp was awesome! Meeting you all has been very fun and looking forward to getting to know you guys and help you guys out throughout the rest of the week. Today we did Ender Golf courses which went really well, keep up the good work and good design guys. Moving forward throughout the entire camp, keep in mind what things can you create or add that will make your game more fun and challenging. Tomorrow we will be doing dungeon design so I hope you guys are ready! See you guys tomorrow!


Game Design 2-4PM Camp

First of all, thanks for making the first day of this week long camp amazingly fun and interesting! It was great chatting and building with you guys!

Here are some pictures from the beginning of the camp, I’ll have to go back to get your completed courses as I just had too much fun hanging out with you guys that I forgot to take update photos. ;-;

Tomorrow is Dungeon Design and I’ll see you then! Get your thinking caps on, this one will be a little more challenging!


Day 3 of Game Design! Which means… Capture the Flag!

You guys did awesome and even chose your own theme! There were cool pit traps and cobweb everywhere to obstruct your movements. It was all really awesome!

Tomorrow is Puzzle Boxes! So bring your thinking caps and be ready to build!


Game Design 2PM-4PM 7/27/16

Yesterday we played Capture the Flag and build our own arena together! Magma Cubes was the MVP cube of the day!


Today we built some two-player puzzle rooms!

San’s and Papyrus’ Home

Obsidian Maze by Stadelman123

Two Player Puzzle Entrance

Co-Op Blue and Orange

Choose your Pokemon!

Underground Maze of Tunnels

Dungeon-Like Trap Room Puzzle

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