Week of 7/11 - Game Design Camp


Hey everybody! Skargent here, giving you a short recap of our adventures in Game Design Camp!

On Monday we created our own Ender Golf courses! Ender Golf is just like minigolf, but instead of using a club to hit a golf ball, we use Ender Pearls to launch ourselves into the hole. After playing a few sample courses, our awesome campers took a crack at building their own courses, and here’s what they came up with!

Next up is Dungeon Design! Stay tuned!


On Tuesday we designed single-player dungeons for adventurers to explore and navigate! Here are some pictures of some of the campers’ great creations:

(More pictures coming soon!)


Thanks for the hardwork from everyone today! We came away with a cool CTF arena design that in the end was pretty balanced for both sides!

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