Week of 6/27 - Game Design Camp


Hey everybody! Skargent here, giving you a short recap of our adventures in Game Design Camp!

On Monday we created our own Ender Golf courses! Ender Golf is just like minigolf, but instead of using a club to hit a golf ball, we use Ender Pearls to launch ourselves into the hole. After playing a few sample courses, our awesome campers took a crack at building their own courses, and here’s what they came up with!

This course, built by ChewLeKitten and SilverBison9844, comes straight from the depths of the Nether, sporting a Nether portal, flaming netherrack, and even a Ghast prop! If you weren’t already motivated to play Ender Golf, this is sure to light a fire under your butt.

Here’s a cool forest-themed course by SlayerRobby and Sandviper5339. Check out the watchtower, which is not only a structure to land on, but also has a fake Sandviper5339 inside serving watch duty!

This is the course built by AntarcticasHeat, AW_2008, and Mr_Dalek! This course is challenging in a different way; players must move mostly vertically in order to reach the hole. It even simulates an alien boss battle!


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Tomorrow is Dungeon Design, so be sure to check out our forum post and video here: Game Design Camp #2 - Dungeon Design


This is on a separate server dedicated to Game Design Summer Camp! More info can be found at these links:


Here are some other screenshots about this awesome event!

ChewLeKitten and SilverBison9844’s course!

SandViper5339 and Slayerrobby’s course!

Maxmo_2013 and Crashkey’s course!

AW_2008, AntarcticasHeat and Mr_Dalek’s course!

Monkeytimer’s course!

Can’t wait to see more awesome creations for Dungeon Design!


The campers started to design their own capture the flag arenas, here’s a quick picture from the end of their building time yesterday. I can’t wait to see what they will add on today.


Progress on the CTF arenas. This is an in game shot of the green team (ChewLeKitten, Antarcticasheat, and SilverBison9844) and blue team (Mr_Dalek, AW_2008, and monkeytimer) test playing their arena.

This picture features the red/yellow arenas built by crashkey, slayerrobby, sandviper5339, and maxmo_2013.

The red and yellow team both made usage of pistons, in addition to the dispensers seen in all four groups. Yellow even incorporated slime !


Here are some screenshots from Tuesday’s Dungeon Design:


Tomorrow’s event is Challenge Rooms (or Puzzle Rooms)! Pair up with another camper to design and build a 2-player cooperative room filled with puzzles to solve! Players must be forced to work together to solve the puzzles and escape from the room.

Your room must have an ending door, a starting area for each player, and at least two different kinds of puzzles. Examples of puzzle types include mazes, redstone puzzles, logic puzzles, riddles, ender pearl puzzles, and building puzzles. Be sure to give the players enough instruction on how to solve puzzles (perhaps you could throw in some hints here or there!) and keep in mind that other players might find your puzzle very difficult even if you think it’s easy.

We encourage everyone to ask their parent/guardian for permission to join us on Discord! Discord is a voice chat app that can be run in your Internet web browser while we play Minecraft, and it makes communication between campers easier and simpler. Follow this link to join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/eZp6Y5J
Accept the invite and click “Continue to Discord” in the web browser.

Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

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