We Need More Set Homes!


Why do We only have 3 sethomes that makes no since! We need more sethomes Me and a bunch of other campers want them so make it happen!


@flamefist77 What do you mean by set homes? Do you mean homes inside Union City? (the ones that you can buy for cash money)


He means /sethome .
It only allows 3 as of now, and we need more.

@GregTheMob @flamefist77


Oh - now I understand flame means. What do you need more for?

I feel like 3 “personal warps” might be a lot. Have you ever played one of those games where you could just “fast travel” anywhere and it took away the magic of exploration and discovery?

I’ll bring it up with some of the mods. My bet is we’ll keep /sethome set up the way it is now.


now i have 4 seethes LOL

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