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Official Minecraft Wiki
Minecraft Lab

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YouTube channels


More YouTube channels


Minecraft: Essential Handbook
Minecraft: Redstone Handbook


More Books
Advanced Minecrafter 2.0


The top four books by Mojang (published by Egmont or Scholastic) are great for elementary school aged children. Lots of illustrations and inspiration!

  1. Beginner’s Handbook (also called ‘Essentials Handbook’)
  2. Constructor’s Handbook
  3. Combat Handbook
  4. Redstone Handbook

I just noticed they will be releasing a special boxed set of these in October.

The “Minecraft for Dummies” book is a lot more text heavy, so more suitable for upper elementary, junior high & up.

The two green books tell the non-fiction story of Minecraft and Mojang, so it’s a fun read for those who dream of creating a phenomena as big as Minecraft (as my kids certainly do!).


Here you might be interested in seeing how Minecraft might be used in the classroom and an example of a Minecraft project aligned to Common Core curriculum:


If you’re interested in videoing your Minecraft creations, we started with iMovie to learn how to make videos. Then we bought Camtasia software that actually allows you to video what is on your computer screen and annotate it. That’s called “Screencasting”. I bought it to make teaching videos but the kids have taken it to make videos on Minecraft and other projects (like filming themselves drawing on the computer and speeding it up which they call “Speed Art”). Check out Tubbydonut’s youtube channel of his speed art drawings:

Camtasia website (Try the trial version before purchasing)

Video tutorials on how to use Camtasia (though we just fiddled with the buttons to teach ourselves but that’s only fairly easy if you’ve had some prior experience making videos. We did our initial learning on iMovie):


This is great! I know members of Pursuitery were asking how to do Screencasting.


The boys said that within Minecraft software, there is a way of them videoing & livestreaming it at the same time through Twitch TV. It can later be uploaded to Youtube. That might also be a way of entry for children to video their Minecrafting. Let me ask the boys for more details and post back.


I asked the boys about videoing within Minecraft with Twitch TV and it seems a lot more complicated than just getting screencasting software and videoing what is on your computer screen. It involves linking your Minecraft account with a Twitch account but you need to also migrate your Minecraft username to your email account (whatever that means) and also install “Sound Flower” software. That sounds waaay too complicated to me.

If you’re still interested,

here is a link to instructions how to do it:

The benefit of doing it with Twitch is that you can livestream what you are doing on Minecraft just by typing the address in the chat bar of Minecraft and people who click the link can watch live immediately. I guess with other methods, it is not “live” and needs to be uploaded to youtube before people can view.


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