Survival Mode Cards


Survival Mode Cards are a great way to introduce a survival activity. Here are some ideas for using them in your classroom. Add questions, comments, or new ideas by replying to this thread.

  1. Distribute groups of students a full pack. Imagine you are starting a new colony. You only have room for 8 items on the ship. Which items would you bring? Ask groups to share out what they brought and why.
  2. Distribute cards between the students as a scavenger hunt.
  3. Have students research the crafting recipes and uses for each item and write them on the back of the cards. Use the cards as a knowledge base for your classroom.
  4. Compare the in game uses of each item with the real world uses. Make a comparison chart for each item on the back of the item’s card.

The full pack can be viewed, downloaded, and printed here.

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