Survival Colony: Tree Team


Expedition Members: akoufaki, MajesticExplorer, ManganaMob, MinionMolly, PlayerHunter2016, Pinguana

Our expedition set out on Monday, June 27th. We founded a new colony on a lush jungle coast. The first day was rough, but we managed to tame the wilderness. We managed to build a new base in the trees, all the while growing and hunting our food, slaying monsters, and mining in the caves. For tomorrow we are planning on building a portal to the nether and expanding our base.

Tree Team in our impressive base above the jungle canopy!


Day 3 was a tough one! With our goal of getting to the Nether set, Tree Team worked hard to gather supplies in preparation of our expedition. After making some improvements to our base, MajesticExplorer was able to get a diamond pickaxe and get some obsidian for the portal. MinionMolly and akoufaki got lost in some treacherous mineshafts but were able to escape with tons of valuable iron and supplies! Pinguana made sure everyone had enough food and supplies to carry out the mission. We were just able to finish our portal by the end of the day. Tomorrow, adventure awaits!

Members of Tree team stand ready to enter the portal!

Great job today guys, can’t wait for tomorrow!


Day 4 was quite an adventure. After venturing through the portal and into the Nether, Tree Team was met with a variety of challenges. Treacherous cliffs and flows of lava were dangerous obstacle, and deadly ghasts harassed us while we tried to build our foothold. Soon though (and after many deaths) we constructed a mighty fort from which we could base our Nether exploits. After our base had been established we set out to find a Nether fortress and other Nether resources. Unexpectedly, members of the blue team came through our portal on accident. We showed our guests around or bases in the Nether and the Overworld.

Members of Blue team and Tree team exploring the Nether together outside of our fort.

Had a really fun time today guys, see you tomorrow!


Day 5 was a blast! After exploring the Nether further and coming across a Nether fortress, Tree Team worked on gathering more resources. We then teamed up with the other Survival Camp teams to take on the Ender Dragon for the last day. It was a tough battle, but the Survival Campers were able to take down the beast. We then spent the rest of the time exploring the rest of the End together.

Tree Team standing triumphant in the End.

Thanks a ton guys, I had a great time! I hope to play with you guys again soon! :smiley:

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