Survival Colony: Team Coolsicles


Expedition Members: Extrafancyrice, ACawesomeness07, XLengoBug5, amira0708, bricklayr, BesoPuppy

Traversing through the frigid air where mobs are abundant and animals are scarce is tough, but not too tough for Team Coolsicles! That’s right, today the campers agreed on the awesome name of team coolsicles-- an awesome, beach themed snack that can fight and mobs and work together in times of hunger. :slight_smile:

The players were very kind and supportive to everybody, including the mods! Some even gave me flowers :slight_smile:

Shoutout to our campers for making us a cool logo to go with our name!


Team Coolsicles is making great progress! The base has grown a lot, and it even has a sizable farm! Everyone has made themselves new tools and armor, and had fun working together!



Team Coolsicles had a great time today! There was a lot of mining done, diamonds were found, and the nether was reached! We got really far when we worked together!


The last day of camp was a blast! All of the campers got together to help defeat the Ender Dragon and to explore the End! What an awesome way to end an awesome week!

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