Survival Colony (10-13): Java Team


This week we began a journey into the java jungle on the server!

Explorers Panda_is_love, Simplepies, SniperK3, spongebobfan450, TylerStorm10, and Moncore_pvp set off on their journey into the wilderness.

The colony was founded on Monday, June 27th. On the first day we managed to get shelter built and get some farms set up!

Here is a shot of our colony.

We will continue our journey throughout the week. Stay tuned on this thread!


Today, we set up the trading post so that different teams can trade goods.

Here, players can set up at their booths and trade items.

Orange team has some exclusive goods including cocoa beans, and jungle wood!.

All of orange team worked very hard to gather these goods for you, so stop on by to pick them up!


Today, Simplepies, Panda_is_love, Moncore_pvp, and myself embarked on a nether adventure today. We had a blast trying to acquire rare items that are only obtainable in the nether.

Tomorrow our team is going to get ready for our big final challenge, a battle with the end dragon! Stay tuned for the epic conclusion of this amazing journey! :smile:


Today, everyone in the server worked together to slay the ender dragon!

We worked together to not only fight the dragon, but we stockpiled a lot in order to make fighting the dragon possible.

We closed on an epic note as we slayed the dragon together, we hope that you all had an amazing time here on the server. We also hope that you join us later for kid club! Go sign up for it, its free!

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