Survival Colony 1: Red Team


Survival Colony (Age 10-13) Red Team

The place where the red team is at!
Colony Members: debanterbox, KingMeatloaf, EmcGlynn, Natekronos, RawSpinach, TheGateKeeper03, xXDoom_SkullXx


Day 2 of the survival camps, we got hit by two quest that we had to complete.

  1. Get to the nether and find a nether fortress and mine a stack of nether bricks.
  2. Use the nether bricks to design a better base
    We made an improvement!


Today on Day 3 of Red team survival camp we took on three quests that included finding a village, make a animal farm, and craft a enchantment table.
The Campers completed ALL THREE!!!
Go Team RED!


Today on Day 3 we explored the good olde world of Minecraft and did a scavenger hunt to find every kind of wood, sapling, and leaf there is in Minecraft. WE DID IT!! Everybody gets a horse!
Oh and we made a iron golem also!


Today on the last day of survival camp for team red. We went to the nether to find three wither skulls and later fought the wither and won! On the last hour of camp. All the teams got together and fought the ender dragon. This week has been fun! Hope to see you all again soon! GO TEAM RED!

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