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Expedition Members: Krafty7, Sam4315, SenseiSpark, Shallowbobbyss, S0n1cP00p

Our expedition set out on Monday, June 27th. We founded the new colony in the swamp The first day was tough. We managed to get a small farm together and today someone made a dock! For tomorrow we are planning on expanding the colony and teaming up for a big event.

Check out the dock and one of our houses!


The yellow empire rises!!!
We got a fortress up and running today, complete with watch towers and a private mine. We’ll expand more on it tomorrow and start amassing resources to sell on the brand-new Trading Post at spawn.

We also got a new Nether Portal up and we’re working on connecting it to the main base camp.

Check it out! Our fortress!

Fortress Interior

The beginnings of Nether Portal transit area


We explored the Nether today! Unfortunately is wasn’t nearly as fruitful as we would like; many of us lost valuable equipment there. It’s a dangerous place! On the bright side, our fortress is looking great! Sam added some decorations and Shallowbobbyss is now our in-house blacksmith with is hut containing anvil, enchanting table, and secret underground garden.

Surprise! The dock that Shallowbboyss made is actually a really cool entrance to a mine. I’ll have to remember this for my future builds.

And here’s SenseiSpark being hunted by zombie pigmen. Very spooky, 100% dangerous.

The final day approaches! Tomorrow we’re delving into The End in an attempt to defeat the End Dragon! We’ll only have an hour to prep so get those tools ready! We have a lot of armor and weapons to recreate after our trip into The Nether.

See you tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Thanks just finding this - wish I knew of it earlier. Any specific weapons we should try for?


Bows and arrows will come in extreme handy when fighting the End Dragon. We should whip up a good amount of health potions too.


The final day has wrapped up! We were scrambling to get supplies together for a final venture into The End with the other teams at 2PM. We got a mine going and gathered all the iron and brewing materials we could as well as enchantments for our armor.

I was silly and got knocked off the world immediately upon teleporting into The End, but I think the rest of Yellow team did a lot better.

Here’s what our base ended up looking like. Well done, Yellow team! Our fortress is quite formidable, and the dirt road is a nice touch.

Our precious crafting area including a brewing stand, an essential tool for any adventurer…

Shallowbobyss, our local blacksmith, built a handy underground farm and enchantment station. Got some great enchantments for my armor here!

And of course, in the final hour we “explored” PVP island! Here’s a pic of the mods playing with enchanted sticks.

Thanks for a great survival camp everyone! Join us at Kid Club sometime for more fun activities in both Survival and Creative! :slight_smile:


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