Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Spunky Spelunkers


Team Members: ThePinkMinion, FuzzyRoadKill, MstrPlanetKiller, Slugboxer231
Hey Guys! We’re the spelunkers, a team composed of four adventurous minecrafters, based in the extreme hills biome :grimacing:

Here’s a picture of us by our base. Because we have such a small team, we decided to form an alliance with our new friends, the Crafters ([check out their posts here ] (Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Creative Crafters)) :smiley_cat:

Here’s a picture of us defeating a spider!
We got chased by a group of zombies. Our favorite thing to do is kill things :fearful: So tomorrow, we hope to make it to the nether to defeat new enemies!

Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Creative Crafters
Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Creative Crafters
Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Creative Crafters

Team Members: ThePinkMinion, FuzzyRoadKill, MstrPlanetKiller, Slugboxer321
We had a really productive day today! In addition to finding diamonds, we found a nether fortress!

Here’s the boat!

Mining Diamonds(they’re underneath MstrPlanetKiller’s feet)!

In the nether fortress, with the red team, where we found some really cool stuff!

Goals for Tomorrow: Find horses(we found saddles and horse armor in the nether), and make an enchanting table.


Today we focused on preparing for the PVP island, MstrPlanentKiller and Slugboxer231’s fave thing, and the end :ghost: These required us getting lets of food, another trip to the nether, and of course mining.

We found fishing was a great way to collect food and stay together as a team. We caught every type of fish: cod, pufferfish, salmon, and clownfish! We started a food collection in our base with tons of food. Let’s just say our trip to visit the red team there were lots of animal deaths.

Because the nether was off of peaceful today, there were tons of mobs for us to attack, sadly, I forgot to take pictures. However, we were able to use our snowy extreme hills biome to collect snowballs and kills blazes. We’ll be using our blaze rods to make brewing stands to make some crazy potions to assist in PVP :sunglasses:

Lastly we knew we needed new armor and weapons, so after we finished our armory we did more mining. Though we did come across anything worth notice (we started mining at the top of the hill so we didn’t get very deep) we’re still prepared to take on everyone in pvp tomorrow :muscle:


Today, we went to the PvP island and focused on preparing for the end. As both kids claimed, we needed to collect food and find more diamonds in order to defeat the ender dragon.

Sadly, we faced great defeat in the PVP island, however, we will come back stronger and better tomorrow!

The beginning of our preperation for the end began with collecting food. MstrePlanetKiller and SlugBoxer213 decided our best bet would be to go hunting. So here they are slaughtering pigs :pig2:

Lastly, we decided to go mining and even discovered a mineshaft with lots of cool chest. Slugboxer213 and I decided to mine even deeper and see if we could find diamonds, and we did! We came across 8 diamonds before the server closed!

Goals for tomorrow: Defeat The Ender Dragon!!!


The End!!!
Friday was bittersweet, as the end of camp always is. We engaged in multiple rounds of PvP against the yellow team, killed the ender dragon, expanded on our base, and explored an end city!

Here’s a final picture of our base, ft. the house, the nether portal, the armory(It’s kinda cut off :grin: ), and the enchanted table(idk when we got that many bookshelves).

Right before the whole camp defeated the ender dragon!!!

S/o to Slugboxer213 for explaining to me how to get to the “other dimension” and find the end city!

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