Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Creative Crafters


Sadly, the red team only had two members this week: myself, ThePinkMinion, and j0sam! Our team is based around crafting and we are located in the savanna!

However, we soon formed on alliance with our new pals, the spelunkers (Check their forum posts out here!), here’s a picture of us in a cave! :blush:

Though we spent a lot of time mining today, we couldn’t find any diamonds :pensive: Tomorrow though, we are determined to make it to the nether!

Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Spunky Spelunkers
Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Spunky Spelunkers
Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Spunky Spelunkers

Team members: ThePinkMinion, j0sam, sweetpea252525

We had a really productive day today! In addition, to going to the nether B), we built a really cool boat and got a new team member!

Here’s our boat

Mining obsidion, with the purple team.

We ventured to the nether and found a fortress

Here’s a picture of us getting in!

Goals for tomorrow: Meet and Interact with the other teams!!! Make and enchanting table!


Though today wasn’t as productive as yesterday, we got a lot done! Today we focused on expanding our colony and returning to the Nether to get some blaze rods!

This is our colony so far! On the left, is j0Sam’s house, in the middle is ThePinkMinion’s(it doubles as our armory), and on the far right is Sweetpea252525(currently under construction). J0sam added a fine in front of his house. We also added to our farn and planted sugar cane!

Sadly, I forgot to take pictures in the nether :sweat: We went with purple team and defeated multiple blazes! We’re going to use these to make a brewing stand, and make potions (everyone better watchout for us on PVP island :joy::money_mouth:)

After we were done in the nether, we were missing a lot of armor, so we went on an expedition and explored 4 different caves and acquired over a stack of iron (again watch out for us in PVP :sunglasses:)


Today we explored the PVP island and meant exploring/ mining. We even found a mineshaft! Our team doubled in size today!

Welcome our new team members LoganRaptor7 and DarthRyker.

The mineshaft was so cool even if we kept dying :sweat: However we came across some pretty cool things in the chests! We are going to add to our garden with the seeds we found. Also we might make a roller coaster!

After exploring the mineshaft for a while, Slugboxer213, sweetpea252525, and myself decided it found be better to get down to diamond level and hunt. After I came across a cave, the whole team decided to explore together. When we found this area with diamonds, lapis, and iron, the kids referred to this as “the Mining Jackpot”.

Goals for tomorrow: Slay the Ender Dragon!!!


The End!!!
The last day of camp encompassed a lot of PvP and of course, visiting the end! Sorry for the late post!

Here’s a final picture of our base on the last day. We added an additional mine and another house.

It was nice to see the whole team unite together to kill the ender dragon!

Of course, after killing the ender dragon we had to explore the end city! On the end ship, we all got elytras!

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