Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6 The Adventurous Adventurers


First thing’s first, Yellow team was the FIRST to make a working nether portal and our base is going to be the most expansive one out of all the teams! Start small end big!

With that our second day comes and our goals were to make our boat and expand higher!

After a while of working the boat almost finished and the third floor of our base almost complete! and to celebrate we even had CAKE!

But… it was instantly devoured :frowning: Good thing we’re stocking up though!


That was a lot of fun!


Hi everyone, Yellow team’s GREAT leader is back for day 3! I’m just kidding I need to give myself self esteem sometimes :(, and here we have a full day dedicated to base building!

Hard working from everyone to make the top floor but MAYBE we’ll keep expanding! The higher the better, RIGHT?! Everyone’s rooms are unique and they are able to decorate it to how they feel fits them!

And I end this day with a beautiful sunset! :blush:


By great leader do you mean @ChewLeKitten?


I had some fun today too!
Here is a lilypad bridge I made:

Another view of our housing district.

We also have added another bookshelf to our enchantment table!


Hi guys! N_E_E_T here to bring you all news of Yellow’s fantastical adventures of DAY 4!

Here’s a close up of the inside of everyone’s rooms with the finished ceiling, no more lightning strikes on me! (No really lightning struck me here in my own home…)

The outside of the base looks colossal! Our farm is getting there and our bonding has never been better!

Just wait till tomorrow though… There’s a special surprise no one would expect! :wink:


Aaaaaaaaaand we’re back here with DAY 5 of Survival Colony coming in live here from yours truly, N_E_E_T!

I have some great pictures from the event planned today which was to SLAY THE ENDER DRAGON! It was loads of fun for everyone that participated and getting the elytras was pretty had but soon everyone was able to get one!


Getting to the ship for the elytras was pretty tiring though, but the ender city view was well worth it!

After everything was said and done, our friends at the Builders team hosted a party for everyone to join before the server closed down! It was… pretty sweet!
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f01a07d6a249022644c14e70cefde51dbc767d9b.png" width="600"height=“337”>

For my last words for this camp, I’d just like to say: It’s you the campers that make this camp what it is. I’m glad I was able to lead you guys from nothing all the way to what we are today all in just 5 days. It was really fun and I hope to see you guys in the future! Thanks for everything Avery, Gabby, Giants, Zoe, Bobers, and my partner and helper Chew!

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