Survival Camp Zombie Server: Week 6/Builders Team


We made an excellent start today on the builders team. We made a small farm and have plans to expand it with some animals, we found a great mine and created a base camp there, and we began construction on a multi-level tree house base.


Days 2, 3 and 4 we made progress on our settlement by completing our ship back to the docks, we also expanded our base in the trees, added a fountain and a mob trap outside and began work on a pen for chicken pets. We also found the nether ruins but we still need some diamonds to collect obsidian in order to light the portal.


Wow! Day 5 was a huge success! We found diamonds and were able to open the nether portal. We explored the nether and found some cool materials. We also got everyone on the builder’s team equipped with enchanted armor and some great weapons and made our way to the End as soon as the portal opened. We battled underman and the dragon and won!
To celebrate we invited all the teams for a final party at our base camp. Thank you all for taking part, this week was awesome!

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