Survival Camp Skeleton Server Week 6: Orange Builders


Alright guys we’re off to a pretty good start day 1. We’re dying quite a bit and losing some stuff which is unfortunate but despite that we’re still up to iron gear which is pretty good. Our boat is almost done and I’m looking forward to another awesome day with you guys tomorrow! We have a solid team so let’s try to continue getting more gear and food :slight_smile:


Alright guys we’ve had a super productive day 2. I’m really proud of how far we’ve come! We’ve found a bunch of diamonds, found not one but TWO underwater temples, and we’ve completed our ship and nether portal. Let’s work on actually surviving and keeping our stuff! We’re going to need it for the upcoming challenges!


Alright good job today guys, we fought through the nether fortress and got blaze rods and netherwarts! We managed to get out mostly okay and even had a couple attempts at the Water Temple. Let’s keep up the good work going into tomorrow!


Today was a pretty tough day. PvP is pretty challenging but luckily we made it back with most of our stuff! Tomorrow is the end so let’s prepare for that!


Final day guys, thank you so much for being an awesome team! We managed to beat the Ender Dragon, Wither, and explore the end cities! I’m proud of you guys and hope you had an awesome week!

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