Survival Camp Skeleton Server Week 3: Red Crafters


Hello fellow campers!
Today we established the red crafter colony!

The campers worked together to help build a small colony, including a housing, a farm, and a nice fountain to finish it off!

We also decided to delve into the depths of the local caves to gather some rare materials.

We also found a mineshaft in the process!

We are excited to share all the many adventures that we’ll have this upcoming week!


Today our team worked together to explore the local mineshaft.

During our journey we discovered a lot of rare items, including Diamonds!
We also worked together to build a boat to get back to spawn. The trading post also opened today. If you need get some materials that do not appear naturally in your biome, you can find them here!


Today our team helped out the Yellow team defeat the wither after defending their colony from an attack from a zombie invasion.

After the wither attack, we sat down and had a party with yellow team :cake:

The party was fantastic!

Tomorrow we will share more adventures that the red crafters have embarked on.


Hello fellow campers!
Today the red crafters embarked on a grand journey to the nether. It was a rough journey, but they were able to reach one of the nether fortresses that were in the nether.

Tomorrow marks the last day of the camp and we will be fighting off the ender dragon! Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow!


Today marks the end of the survival camp.

The kids worked hard at defeating the ender dragon today.

We then ended the week with a bang with a party over at Yellow team.

We had a great week and are looking forward to seeing you over on kid club!

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