Survival Camp Skeleton Server Week 3: Purple Spelunkers


Today was a great start. We set up a good base and found diamonds! Hoping to get around to building a boat tomorrow!


Today we made an awesome ship! We also got matching gear with diamond boots and iron armor so I’m feeling really good about our team. Continue the good work guys and tomorrow we’ll try finding a nether portal ruins or getting more gear!


Hey guys I’m really proud of you today, you guys did awesome! We beat the zombie apocalyspe and then went over to help yellow team beat the wither! Today was super fun and super exciting, I think we have a really good team together and hope to have fun and see you guys tomorrow!


Today was a tough day but still some good job done! We explored the nether, cleared out some of the nether fortress and found some diamonds! We’ll be ready to go tomorrow for the ender dragon!


Alright guys, today was an awesome finale to a very fun week! We beat the ender dragon together and got a nice cake party with fireworks as a reward! It’s been really fun being a part of the purple spelunkers team and I hope you all had a fun time and hope to see you again!

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