Survival Camp Skeleton Server Week 3: Hardcore Blue


Day One: We got a base going and a lot of farming set up but we are still starving so we should probably expand the farms so that we can have more food and won’t die as much.

Dolphin also found the nether portal which is a goal we should work towards for Wednesday or Thursday.


Day Two: Seems like almost everyone has a house of their own now! We’re starting to look like a real colony. We still need to get a boat built and we’re really lacking on resources but that will come with time. If we get a boat built we can have the warp to blue area changed to be closer to the colony so it won’t be so bad if we die. I forgot to get a screenshot but I’ll grab one when the server comes back up. Just so we can see our progress.


Day Three

Today quite a lot happened.

There was a zombie invasion.

We fought the Wither

And we had a cake party in the end.

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