Survival Camp: Sharing Corner


Enjoying Survival Camp? Share some tales and pictures of your adventures here! Show off your town, share ideas, plan your next excursion into the wilderness; whatever!



Check us out! Orange team’s bungalow in the jungle is looking good. We’ve even got a nether portal going!

From left to right: Simplepies, Moncore_pvp, Krafty7, SniperK3

Can’t wait to play more tomorrow! :smiley:


I made a drawing of a flag for my team, “Scarlet Savanna Endergirls”. I hope you girls enjoy it :slight_smile: (my username is FairyKay, I’m using my Mom’s account)


That’s amazing! Maybe we can make a replica of this in the server :smiley:


##Group photo from the final day of Girls Survival Camp


Week 1 Survival Colony Highlights:

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