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Do the kids need any special equipment to participate in Survival Camp, i.e., microphone, headset, or other?


Survival Camp can be played with basic Minecraft and needs no special equipment.


i have a question i was wondering if i can use optifine mod?


Cannot seem to connect to the camp server - and the minecraft app is not finding the server either


i do not way it does not work


Unable to login to using either Firefox or Safari. The page never loads.

Is there an issue w the page?


it keeps saying im not on the white list. is there anything that i forgot to do?


What is your minecraft user name?


Use these instructions:

  1. Open the Minecraft game
  2. Click on Play
  3. Click Multiplayer
  4. Click Direct Connect
  5. In the text box enter: “the IP address you were given”
  6. Click Join Server


sadly, i tried that and it dosent seem to work


What is your Minecraft user name?


My minecraft user name is : katie_ninjao_


it’s actually KatieNinjago - she forgot that there were no underscores


Got it! We’ve updated the user name on our side, you should now be able to access the server!


i can not log in to the server eather my mc user name is BladeNox19365


You’ll be able to login once your camp starts at 1pm PT! :slight_smile:


i am in hawaii so it is 10 am for me


My daughter is unable to log in. She keeps getting the message “You are not whitelisted on this server!” User name is PiHydreigon.


Please help, it is now 20 minutes into the session & my daughter cannot log in. She is very distressed. Is anyone monitoring these forums? I don’t know where else to go to get help.

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