Survival Camp 7/11-7/15


Today we divided up into 5 teams and set off to our new colonies. Here are the teams:

CRAFTERS (Red) - “This land is teeming with exotic Acacia trees and a desert full of sand just waiting to be smelted into glass. Beneath the earth, who knows what resources await us? This destination is the perfect place for those who love to craft and design unique items.”

HARDCORE SURVIVORS (Blue) “Nothing but gleaming white snow as far as the eye can see. For all its beauty, this land is not for the faint of heart. Food is scarce, trees are rare, and the nights are long. If you think you have what it takes to build a thriving colony in this unforgivable land, then join us!”

SPELUNKERS (Purple) -“Enormous cliffs greet you in this hardy land! A forest nearby provides us plenty of resources to fuel expeditions into the caves that could hold untold riches! Or just spiders. Who knows? This area is great for natural-born miners and explorers.”

ADVENTURERS (Yellow) - “Nothing says ‘adventure’ like witch huts and Slimes! This swampy land is completely untouched by civilized folk. It’s our duty as Adventurers to master this foreign land by hunting witches, building roads, creating maps, and more! Join us!”

BUILDERS (Orange) - “There’s more trees here than we know what to do with. There’s only one option: build like crazy! With a nearly endless supply of wood and ocelots, we could make the worlds largest city for cats! Builders and Architects welcome!.”


Which goal do you want your team to accomplish for tomorrow?

  • Build a ship to get back to spawn.
  • Get to The Nether
  • Build an armory with potion brewing and enchanting stations
  • Outfit your team with matching uniforms
  • Find diamonds

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