Survival Camp 1 Week 6: Team Epic(Yellow)


Hello and what’s up, everyone! Extrafancyrice here with a status update from the survival colony and its small but mighty group: the Yellow adventurers!(Or team yellow, more simply)
While this was one of the smaller groups on the server, Team Yellow was able to meet each one of it’s day one goals today! The goals were the following: Choose a team, Build a shelter, Get a mine going, Get a farm going, Find the Nether Portal Ruins, and Build a ship to get back to spawn… Nice teamwork, everyone!

Here’s some of today’s highlights!

Here’s a picture of the camper who found the Nether ruins! He lead the way for us by leaving a trail of torches from there to our camp!

Next, this is a picture of the farms and docs put together by another helpful camper!
He made the boats right as the servers went down!

It’s been great working with the campers today, especially because they impressively were able to complete every challenge with just a handful of people!
Let’s see what the rest of this week brings!


Today was the last day of survival camp and what a day it was!
Over the week, the campers of team yellow–ahem Team Epic have grown so close together that they can conquer just about anything! This was tested today by the malicious Broadcast as everyone was pulled together to fight in The End! Oh no! But, Team Epic didn’t stop trying!
They held their grounds against the Enderdragon

Even with the despair of the Wither being spawned shortly after the dragon’s defeat… Shovel_Might remained calm and resourceful, building an impressive fort open to any scared campers, or campers that needed anything-- leave it to Team Epic to make themselves at home in The End xD

With so much fun, time flew by for our adventurers this week… so they returned to base where we took a group picture to commemorate the small but mighty team of epicness!
(On the wall is a legendary diamond sword we’ve dubbed the “team relic”; it’s a sword so powerful it materialized from nowhere on day one and everyone who tries to use it dies-- or something like that. It’s managed to survive in our base from day one and has become a sort of meme)

From learning how to make an amazing farm with Maddog_x3, to watching QEU0804 work endlessly to get the team geared, and with learning about defense golems and strategies with Shovel_Might, the group here had a lot to learn and share with other colonies-- it’s been a pleasure watching everybody grow closer together!
Congratulations on your endless teamwork and fighting spirit-- I hope you’ll join our kids club server so we can continue the adventure!

(Bonus pic-- Maddog_x3 is the mob whisperer… he tamed dogs, skeleton horses and… went for a ride with an enderman. What a cool kid)

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