Survival Camp 1: PurpurVille


Days 1 and 2.

Expedition Members: MoonMoonJelly, xEthanAF, JaredH2006, Conradbintley, Inkling_Plays_MC, RobbieG123

Our expedition set out on Monday, June 27th. We founded the new colony PurpurVille. The first day was establishing a base and making a nether portal. We did an amazing job of completing these tasks and were quite prepared to go to the nether. Today, Day 2, we got our gear and went into the nether! Quite an impressive feat for day 2. xEthanAF also managed to complete today’s quest to collect 16 blaze rods. For tomorrow we are planning on building a dock and expanding our farms so that we can prepare for a boss. Possibly the wither boss or maybe we can search for an end portal.

xEthanAF at the nether portal

The campers at PurpurVille
<Caption: The sunflower colony’s glorious town hall.>


Day 3

Expedition Members: MoonMoonJelly, xEthanAF, JaredH2006, Conradbintley, Inkling_Plays_MC, RobbieG123

Today was a packed. We got a trade stand setup and I know Ethan did some trading while Inkling made the booth both safe and beautiful. Jared built himself a very nice house and gave himself an address. Inking redid the tunnel, walkways, and made it easier to get from building to building in the village. We also got an enchantment table setup with bookshelves. All in all it was a very productive day.

Enchantment Table and a view of the lower half of the town

Jared in his new house.


Day 4

Today Inkling made a super hard parkour course and received an awesome prize for that. Robbie finished his house today and Ethan started work on want can’t really be called a house because it’s almost a castle.
Tomorrow we will be killing the ender dragon so I hope everyone will be there and ready.



We beat the Ender Dragon today! Well be beat 2 ender dragons 3 withers and bunch of Killer Bunnies. We also did some PvP and that was a blast. I hope to see you all again on kids club or another summer camp program. Have a great rest of the summer!

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