Survival Bazaar 12PM-2PM PST


Thanks so much to everyone who came to the brand new survival bazaar area today! It was a load of fun and sorry but the price of sticks had to be lowered, make sure to come back as we’ll be adding more and more stuff to the Bazaar!


The Bazaar was super fun today and I’m glad you all enjoyed it! It was a very nice start to the beginning of our 3 month long summer camp :smiley: We can’t wait to play more of these awesome games with you for the next couple months!


The Bazaar was quite interesting today. 2ndstreet and I learned that you can sell MossyCobblestone for $90 a block or $5760 for a stack. So it is probably the best item to mine and sell because of it’s abundance. You can find it in large piles in the Mega Taigas as shown in the attached pictures. Also I bought was seems to be the only current God Apple in the bazaar for $10k from Panda.


Today was another fun day and got to explore a cool pine forest and mineshaft! If you’re trying to make a lot of money, redstone is really easy to find and you can get large stacks of it.


I’m ready for a new day of trading in the Bazaar!


We’ve got something new and exciting in the bazaar: TRASH
You can now dispose of your unwanted items by throwing them down this trash pit, opened via a stone pressure plate.

OH, also the Enchantment District is open now


something new is in the server today. WHAT COULD IT BE?


Had another fun day in the Bazaar exploring the new warps! Also be sure to check out the new apartments to rent!


it really seems like there needs to be more information at the bazaar for the kids to know how to make money and how to get started. Many of the kids need money when they spawn so we do need something for them to be able to sell for the $5 to get out into the wilds. Also maybe adding some signs to tell kids how to sell things out in the wilds and some ideas of how much each thing will sell for just so they know what to start with. I’m going to look for some space to add these things in. Note I do know that the books exist but I don’t think the kids do and that’s an issue. Generally people do better with signs that stand right in front of them when they spawn into an area.
I am adding in some temporary infrastructure so that if we do have some kids who have yet to do bazaar they can at least get some info.


Managed to find some diamonds with Robokid8000 today, we got pretty lucky! Be on the lookout for them btw, the sell for $900 each now.


I’m totes getting a plot of land!


hi this is alligator whats the bazar its sound cool?

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