Skeleton Server: Red Crafters


The Crafting Crew did an awesome job today! Everyone was friendly to each other and worked really well together. In addition to crafting lots of tools and making food, the campers made a house with crafting tables, furnaces, and chests for our supplies. They even started a little farm outside!

The crafters also built a great ship to return to the docks.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure! Who knows, maybe we’ll hit some diamonds…


Hello! I won’t be there tomorrow. I will be back on Wednesday! From tropicalsaige


Tuesday was a pretty productive day! The Crafting Crew accomplished a number of tasks today:
finishing the ship,

building a tower,

and making a dock for fishing!

beefmanguy also crafted an enchanting table for the team to use. Great work beefmanguy!

Awesome job everybody! I think we’re prepared for Wednesday…or are we?! Stay tuned!


On Wednesday, a massive horde of zombies appeared suddenly! Fortunately, the Crafting Crew is more than capable of fending off monsters! They helped each other prepare their defenses, and when night fell, they were ready!

They also found a village that spawned in the acacia biome, which was a great source of supplies for the base:

And a few campers even went adventuring in the Nether!

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