Skeleton Server: Purple Spelunkers


Expedition Members: ThatsSoPanda, , Spark_Galaxy05, charmposh

Today, July 11, was the first day in our colony! We founded the new colony in the snowy mountains. The first day was very productive. We managed to make a simple base, start a successful farm, go mining and found diamond, and we started an animal farm. For tomorrow we are planning on going to the nether because we also managed to find the nether portal that was hidden near spawn. We just need to collect some obsidian.

the hidden unfinished nether portal that we found

Our farm! (being in the snow makes the water turn to ice!:confounded:)

Looking forward to a great week!


Expedition Members: ThatsSoPanda, Spark_Galaxy05, charmposh, NoahOKC

The second day in the Purple Spelunkers Colony was extremely busy! We traded at the trading post, found diamonds and built our nether portal, briefly explored the nether, and expanded our farm and animal farm!

Trading with other teams!

The Purple Spelunkers are headed to the Nether.

An aerial shot of the team base so far.

Tomorrow, we plan on making an enchanting table and continuing our exploration in the nether. I’m excited to see our colony keep on expanding!


Expedition Members: ThatsSoPanda, Spark_Galaxy05, charmposh, NoahOKC

July 13th was our third day here in the Purple Spelunkers Colony! We met our goals from yesterday: made an enchanting table, and continued to explore the nether and managed to find blazes and collect their rods, and made a brewing stand! Plus, there was a zombie apocalypse that attacked our colony. Everyone handled it amazingly well!

Killing blazes in the Nether.

Preparing for the zombie horde (everyone made diamond swords!)

NoahOKC, charmposh, and Spark_Galaxy05 surviving the zombie apocalypse from Noah’s watchtower.


Expedition Members: ThatsSoPanda, Spark_Galaxy05, charmposh, NoahOKC

Day 4 in the Purple Spelunkers Colony:

Interior and exterior shots of the team’s new and improved base that they renovated today!

The Purple Team, along with a few other teams, also bravely traveled to the Red Team’s base to help them defeat multiple withers!

After the Withers were defeated, everyone was treated to a gracious amount of cake and lots of fireworks!

The team has also been preparing for a huge battle against the Ender Dragon tommorrow, so stay tuned to see how they do as they face the ultimate challenge!

It was definitely an exciting day here in the Purple Spelunkers Colony; can’t wait to see how tomorrow goes!


Expedition Members: ThatsSoPanda, Spark_Galaxy05, charmposh, NoahOKC

Day 5 in the Purple Spelunkers Colony:
Today, the campers had 1 hour to prepare for a final boss battle against some of Minecraft’s most powerful bosses…the Ender Dragon and the Wither. They joined forces with all the other teams to overcome the final challenge of the week!

The team preparing for the ultimate battle!

All the teams got together to defeat the dragon…

…and the Wither!

Then, campers got to search the end city to find a pair of elytra wings!

Spark_Galaxy05 managed to bring home a pair of wings! Good work!

Here are some screenshots of the team flying using the elytra wings!

Here’s a team photo! (from right to left: ThatsSoPanda, Spark_Galaxy05, NoahOKC, charmposh)

It’s certainly been a fantastic week here in the Purple Spelunkers Colony!


Here are all of the amazing moments i had with my team!!
Me- Spark_Galaxy05
and don’t forget our allies the Red Team
Our first base !

Mining w/ ThatsSoPanda and charmposh

Did not take to many pictures so lets jump to day 5

Us and other teams were helping our allies

Now all of the teams are in the end fighting the dragon the wither and trying to find elytra (the purple team "us"got the elytra)

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