Skeleton Server: Hardcore Survivors


Hello all! Today we started our journey on skeleton server today.

CHEESE_EMPEROR, NoahOKC, MER10BLAZE, TheLoneWolf911, EnderTaco659 and myself embarked onto an unforgiving ice beach with little resources.

However, to say that my team went above and beyond the call of duty is an understatement.

Today, my team made boats and sailed far away from their home and into Adventure team’s territory :open_mouth:

Luckily for the adventure team, the hardcore survivors have no desire to conquer other lands, and we hope that they establish a trade agreement if they come into contact with each other.

Please post your adventures in this forum thread so we can share our stories together!!


Today the kids not only built an awesome boat to get back to spawn, but also they again found another team. :open_mouth:

This time, they found the orange team. If you are on the orange team and are reading this, we come in peace!


Today the team faced a large horde of zombies. But not any kind of zombies, they had recruited the Valkyries! Flying chickens with baby zombies on their backs.

Our team built strong fortifications and possibly had the best survival rate on the entire server! With the fences, moat, and magma cubes they were unstoppable!

Do you have any stories that you would like to share? Share your stories below!


Today, the Hardcore Survivors helped the Crafters defend their lands from a wither invasion!

During today’s events, two wither threatened to destroy the Crafters’ domain. Thanks to the help of many other teams including the Hardcore Survivors, they were able to thwart the invasion. Afterwards there was a grand celebration at the Crafters’ home with fireworks and cake!

Not to mention that they managed to snag one of the ender stars in the process!

Great work Hardcore Survivors! Tomorrow they take on the ender dragon to wrap up the survival colony camp!


Today marks the end of another exciting survival camp.

The Blue team today prepared for the epic showdown at the End!


After the first hour of preparation, the kids then embarked on their journey to the end.

We’ll be uploading a highlight reel of all the exciting things that happened during this week’s camp! We hope that you had a wonderful time. Be sure to check out our kid club!

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