Skeleton Server Adventurers


Today we made a great start on our housing and we built a small farm, a ship to sail back to the docks and we began a mining quest for materials to make armor for the whole team.

Join us tomorrow for another great adventure!


Great work today everyone! We added reinforcements to our base and we found the nether ruins and made it to the nether!


Day 3 of Survival Colony went really well, we helped each other prepare for the zombies by making armor, weapons and shields. We then faced an epic battle against multiple hostile mobs and we came out on top! We also built bedrooms and storage areas in our base and helped each other to design and make an underground bunker.


Today we had fun building up the base and adding in a few underground passages. We also began preparing ourselves for tomorrow’s trip to The End…


Day 5- We prepared ourselves for a trip to The End and we made it there, going in together…we defeated several enderman and the ender dragon! Thank you all for an amazing week at survival camp!

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