Skeleton Camp Orange Builders


Today the Builders got off to a great start! Our housing area is looking awesome! We had a large group and you guys were all awesome. We’re making good progress as our food is being setup and we have a nice cave to explore for resources. Our boat is coming along really nicely and it’s almost done! Thanks for the great work today guys.


After finishing the awesome orange ship today, we got access to the trade posts which was super fun to see everyone around. Goals for tomorrow will be to try and find that nether portal ruin and get better gear, hopefully we can find diamonds!


Today was a super fun and exciting day! You guys did really well in putting up defenses for the base and managed to overcome the zombie apocalypse! We also managed to find the nether portal ruins. Awesome job guys, hopefully tomorrow we can get some diamonds to get better gear to explore the nether!


I was really proud of you guys today for coming to help out the Red Crafters in fighting the Wither! So glad you guys came together and defeated it and hoped you enjoyed the nice cake party after! The fight isn’t over yet though! We have the ender dragon coming tomorrow so be prepared!


Thank you guys so much for an awesome week. I had tons of fun and itl ooks like a lot of you did as well! Today we had an epic finale with the ender dragon, wither, and end city and it was so much fun hanging out with you guys at the end! Hope to see you guys next time.

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