Preventative measures against griefers


The Camp Minecraft server is constantly improving in order to ensure a positive play experience. We’re continually exploring and installing new features and plugins to help prevent griefing incidents.

Here are a few features we have added to the server: :

AcceptRules is a plugin that makes players accept the Code of Conduct ( before they are allowed to play. We hope this emphasizes the rules we have in place for the server. Players cannot break or build blocks until they accept the rules. Players must first type /rules in the chat to read the rules, and then type /acceptrules and accept the rules before playing.

LogBlock is a griefing prevention tool. It tracks changes including destruction of blocks, fire, sign changes, explosions, chest changes, player and animal deaths. The plugin will also help us identify griefers by keeping this information in a log. LogBlock allows us to roll back specific changes on the minecraft server.

Server Backup every 12 hours at 5:00 pm PST and 5:00 am PST, with manual server backups happening in between triggered by Camp Minecraft staff. In the situation where a lot of destruction occurs, we can roll back the server to an earlier state. Some work may be lost.

ChestLock is another plugin that locks chests and doors, allowing only the player who owns them to open them. If the server switches to Survival Mode, this will help prevent theft of other player’s items. NOTE: Players will have to lock chests on their own. More information on how to use ChestLock can be found here:

If you have any suggestions on other plugins, features, or measures to implement please feel free to post on with your suggestions.


I recommend using this plugin to help combat grief:


Does that plugin prevent people from helping others build on other plots? That is happening and we encourage it.


Yes but there is a command to allow players to add people to a “friend list” and lets them build on the plot as well


Is this updated for the latest version? The comments say they’re having issues with getting it to work with anything 1.7x.

Also, how will this effect current buildings in place? This looks like a great plugin if we can get it to work!


Sorry I posted a older version of the plugin I use on my server. This is the one: This plugin is required for the previous one to work, and has the added bonus of local rollback (Instead of rolling back entire server just rollback the area you selected. With these the current buildings will stay in place, users or admins will have to set their “Region” to be protected.


Thanks Josh!

Another note for others: if you find a piece of your “Minecraft property” broken (whether through griefing or accident) please keep in mind the time it occured. An admin can roll back the changes for you, but if it’s minor damage it is more efficient to quickly fix it.


No problem!
I have used these plugins on many different servers and they work great.
One other plugin would be something for teleporting. I know that some people want to work together but have a hard time finding each other and a teleportation plugin would be perfect


My kids were interested in teleporting friends to help build.


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