Miners Guild - January 2017


Welcome to Miners Guild where each week we will gather to hunt for resources within a dangerous mine. The aim of the game is to work together, help each other survive, and find as much treasure as you can. You get to keep all the loot you find but each week there will be a treasure to find and if you collect a lot of it you will earn prizes.
This week’s treasure was REDSTONE. Well done everyone! See you next time for a new treasure hunt.


Miners Guild was a blast today as we helped each other navigate a dangerous mine in search for Gold! Well done everyone! See you next time!


This week’s edition of Miners Guild had us hunting for diamonds in a vast mountainside full of treacherous caves and lava pits. Although diamonds were hard to come across, we did find a few and everyone added some gold, redstone and emeralds to their loot. Well done to everyone for working together as a team to navigate the mine- great to see!

See you next time for another epic adventure!


In this week’s edition of Miners Guild, we worked together to hunt for emeralds in a massive cave complex.

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