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Welcome to the Miner League topic board! Miner league is a class-based PvP game here on the Connected Camps Server. On this topic, I’ll be posting updates regarding the game such as upcoming balance changes or new content coming soon. Be sure to check back for an exclusive look at new Miner League content.


Balance Update 1 - THE END UPDATE (not the last update :joy:)

New Content

  • New Map: End City (CTF Map)
  • New Class: The spy
    • Equipped with an invisibility potion and a diamond axe, sneak into enemy lines and wreak havoc!


  • Added a speed splash potion to the Medic to increase utility
  • Added a fishing pole to the Tank class for the pull


  • Removed Punch II from the Sniper’s bow
  • Removed the speed and leaping potions from the Assassin

More content for Miner League is coming soon! Stay tuned for the latest news.


Balance Update 2 - The Fire Update

New Content

  • New Class: Flame Master
    • Harness the power of flames and use it against your enemies!
    • This class may be ineffective against certain maps and teams :open_mouth: Use carefully

Comments: I thought that most people used the engineer class to use the fireballs and not really use the building aspect of the Engineer class. I thought it would be useful to separate these two aspects of the kit into two classes.


  • Sniper
    • Removed infinity from the bow
    • Added 16 arrows
  • Engineer
    • Removed fireballs
    • Replaced with arrows

Comments: Everyone was playing the sniper, I thought it would be helpful to include some interplay between the defensive classes. Now, the engineer class can either use the arrows in their turrets or provide ammo for your snipers.


  • Engineer
    • Increased the number of cobblestone blocks to 32


Balance Update 3 - Taking Flight

New Content

  • New Class: Icarus Knight
    • Using fireworks and an elytra, fly behind enemy lines to take out enemies from behind!

Comments: With the new 1.12 update, you can use a rocket to propel yourself with a firework while flying with an elytra. This class is experimental and probably will be tweaked over the next few days. Please provide feedback here on the forums.


Balance Update 4 - Here or there?
New Content

  • New Class: Warper
    • Use ender pearls to flank the enemy team! Your high mobility comes at a cost - lower damage. Use it wisely!


  • Icarus Knight
    • Reduced the number of rockets that you can carry
    • Removed speed and health boost for the primary weapon

Comments: The speed boost from the sword seemed a bit too much, I decided to turn it down.

Map Changes

  • Global
    • Added lava at the bottom of “bottomless pits”
  • Nether Abyss
    • Added a wall before the flag to prevent cheesy captures with the warper class.


Balance Update 5 - Bug Squishing
Global Changes

  • Removed ability to drop items

Comments: Players have been using the drop item feature to combine kits from different classes. Since the point of the game is to play a particular kit, I’ve removed this feature


  • Engineer
  • Reduced ammo boxes to 6
  • Added 6 hoppers
  • Changed the pickaxe to an iron pickaxe

Comments: Since we are removing the drop item feature, this should allow engineers to quickly load their turrets without needing to interact with the turrets. Also, improved the durability of the pickaxe.

  • Sniper
  • Added a lot of ammo for the sniper

Comments: Since we’ve removed dropping items, we’ve returned Sniper closer to their original ammo count.

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