Meet Our Counselors


HELLO to all! I am NinjaWaspKiller. Am I a Ninja-Wasp or a Wasp-Killin’ Ninja? Anybody’s guess but nobody knows. When I’m not slaying zombies and slicing and dicing my way through creepers, you will find me building elaborate houses and hotels from underground bunkers to sky-high, tree-top retreats. By day, I am a writer and an artist, and I am always thinking of ways to incorporate intense creativity into all of my minecraft endeavors.

NinjaWaspKiller at a wild heart releasing event, Wonderland

Favorite Food: Golden Apples
Life Goal: Introducing Wasps to Minecraft
Favorite Item: Bow with infinite flaming arrows
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Searching for Wasps, and working with campers on epic and inspiring builds
Superpower: Ability to detect Wasps and nearby Hives at the twitch of a wing and the powers of a Ninja to slay, slay, slay!
Greatest Accomplishment Taking down a hive of aggressive, horned fire necro wasps with just a wooden bowl and a spider web.
Most unusual thing you own: My pet, Pico who is a mix of mogwai, kitten and Tazmanian Devil.
Favorite Real World Activity: Getting lost in a huge canvas of swirling color, with a paintbrush in hand and the most glorious music playing at full blast.



Howdy All! I’m Ninja123123. I spent many of my younger years in my home cave, fighting crime with my blobular parents, but one day I decided that I wanted to see more of the world. I grew myself a pair of legs, and set off to explore the world. If you don’t see me exploring or building, you’ll find me “testing” my very own parkour courses.

This is a real picture of me after I first swam the pacific ocean.

Favorite Food: Mushroom Stew =P
Life Goal: Name an island after my pet rabbit.
Favorite Item: Leather shoes.
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Building and “testing” parkour courses.
Superpower: I am able to stop a microwave right before the timer hits zero.
Greatest Accomplishment: I once swam 3 days without stopping.
Most unusual thing you own: I don’t know why people think it’s unusual that I have a very trained pet rock.
Favorite Real World Activity: Beekeeping! =D


Hey I’m Ennoier. My username is basically “Annoy-er”. I love creating things, which is probably why I play so much in creative mode. It’s pretty cool you can build whatever you imagine with all the tools at your fingertips. My favorite hobby is art so I’m always up to make a giant sculpture in the Gallery.

Favorite Food: Will forever be Chicken.

A Goal you have: Make a great Video Game.

Favorite Item: Sea Lantern, Iron block, Dispenser, torch, and red carpet.

Favorite Kid Club Activity: Building. I love building statues along with super fancy houses.

Superpower: My concentration doubles if I’m doodling.

Favorite Real World Activity: Making funny expressions,napping, listening to music, telling corny jokes and doing art things!


Hey everyone, I’m Heiisama (feel free to pronounce it any way you like)! If I had to describe myself in two words then this post would be very short. It may come as a surprise, but I actually love Minecraft! If you can’t find me on our Kid Club server, then I am probably working on YouTube videos or Minecraft animations!

Favorite Food: Minecraft Cake!

Life Goal: To be a Film Director

Favorite Item: Maybe paddle boats?

Favorite Kid Club Activity: Parkour and anything that has to do with videos. Also, I’m pretty sure I can beat GregTheMob at spleef!

Superpower: I’m really good at anything I’m not bad at (I’m also fluent in French)

Hope this way informative. I look forward to hanging out with you guys on the server!


Hi everyone, my name is Perdust. My favorite things to do in Minecraft is playing competitive games such as Hunger Games! I’m in college studying Computer Science. When i’m not breaking trees, I’m usually playing some other game, either a sport or a video game. I also really enjoy hanging out with my friends. I’m also force sensitive.

<img src=>

Favorite Food: Sushi!

Life Goal: Destroy all Jedi

Superpower: Remembering movie names that I didn’t watch

Greatest Accomplishment: Making my own lightsaber

Favorite Real World Activity Laughing with my friends.


Hi! I’m Krafty7. I love spending my time in Minecraft building castles and mazes chock full of secret entrances! I am not a witch, but I love to wear their cool hats on occasion. My favorite things include outer space, the moon, and ghosts.

<img src=>

Favorite Food: Cake
Life Goal: Building a labyrinth that spans the entire world.
Favorite Item: the cake block!!!
Favorite Kid Club Activity: I have the most fun playing games like Spleef and building sweet castles.
Superpower: I can detect snacks from a mile away.
Greatest Accomplishment: my giant survival maze build from last summer. We had so much fun playing in it!
Most Unusual Thing You Own: a poster of all the Sailor Scouts crying happy tears
Favorite Real World Activity: Playing videogames with friends.

Ask Mods Anything! Live Twitch event!

Hello! I’m musuney. In two words, I’m the “Clay Decorator.” If you ask me to make a room look pretty, expect me to use clay. But trust me, I can make it both pretty and functional, haha. You will mostly see me on the weekends during one of the Kid Club events (I do Book Club this month!). I’ve been playing minecraft for 3 years now I think, and it still continues to teach me things. I also talk about Minecraft (and space) with my friends when I get the chance and they know me as the “girl who plays Minecraft.” Proud Minecraft player. :smiley:

<img src=>

Favorite Food: Fruits (minecraft should have more fruits)
Life Goal: Make a house full of puzzles and traps!
Favorite item: CLAY. All colors.
Superpower: Baking skills
Greatest Accomplishment: Baking perfect french macarons for the first time.
Most unusual thing you own: A tiny rag doll on a key chain with a lot of history on it. Oooh creepy.
Favorite Real World Activity: Watching Space documentaries, Sudoku, and Baking.


Hi, I’m akoufaki. I’m currently a second-year at college, and I’ve been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was in eighth grade. I mainly enjoy playing survival mode, as I like to build up a base while collecting resources, fighting monsters, and exploring. I can’t wait to see the diverse skills everyone has to offer at camp!

<img src=>

Favorite Food: Bacon Cheeseburger (from Five Guys!)
Life Goal: To travel around the world
Favorite Item: Elytra
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Helping to build things!
Superpower: Teleportation
Greatest Accomplishment: I’ve traveled a lot, and been to three continents total!
Most Unusual Thing You Own: A collection of over twenty glass Coke bottles
Favorite Real World Activity: Hanging out with my friends and going on weird trips :slight_smile:


My name is Devandaheart! I’m a college student studying computer game science and business management. I think the world of Minecraft is a phenomenal place to explore, learn, and grow. Minecraft is a world of unlimited creativity and possibility and it’s awesome to see the things that come from that creative space. I’ve been playing in Minecraft for many years now, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon!

Favorite Food: Sushi! My special food since I was a baby. :slight_smile:
Life Goal: Make and play games!
Favorite item: Stock Bricks
Superpower: Photoshop
Greatest Accomplishment: Creating a fantasy world for my friends to play in. (Dungeons and Dragons)
Most unusual thing you own: A handmade boat!
Favorite Real World Activity: Playing games with friends, cooking, teaching.


Hello everyone! Quesodesupizza here! Your friendly neighborhood mod and friend of broadcast, as well as coding camp counselor. I make redstone stuff on the server and help out Justslayit whenever I can in coming up with cool stuff to make life fun in the server overall! :smiley: I like trying to build new and exciting things, and whenever there is something to learn or something to teach I generally like to pursue it. I play a bunch of different video games and work on programming ideas.
I also moonlight as the old guy from monopoly as shown below.
<img src=>

Favorite Food: Spicy foods in general are awesome! I enjoy Mexican food, particularly in burrito form, as well as Phở, and Thai Cuisine. (Sushi is cool too)
In minecraft, I’ve always been partial to their fruits, and think they should add more! There are a lot of cool mods that overhaul hunger for that.
Life Goal: To sail the seven seas! I’m actually dreadfully phobic of large bodies of water, :frowning: but the ocean itself has always seemed really cool to me!
Oh yeah, and to have a secret mountain base! Maybe on an island!
Favorite Item: I have to say, the new boats are awesome, but I also like the style of Elytra in Minecraft. I just wish you could dye them! xD Also computercraft turtles.
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Races of most sorts. I always enjoy the creativity that people have in the longer races in trying to get from point to point, like one person decided to jump their horse on top of a tree to ride on top of a forest rather than through it!
Superpower: I have a super strong immune system! It’s awesome because it’s hard for me to be sick, but medicine also doesn’t seem to work for me all that well, too. xD
Greatest Accomplishment: I flew a plane once. Kinda. I only steered it for a bit. It was cool.
Most Unusual Thing You Own: I used to own a customized lava lamp that had color changing lava stuff in it! It was fun.
Favorite Real World Activity: Bicycling and skateboarding, though I don’t do much of either anymore. I also enjoy just driving around and exploring, or hiking when I have the time. :smiley:
College: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Studies: Mathematics, Physics, Computer science. I also worked in eSports a lot!

I hope to see you around!


Hi everyone! I’m Angelo aka N_E_E_T, and I absolutely enjoy creating pixel art and hosting build challenges in game. The campers and supportive moderators are my reason to always be playing on the server with a smile on my face! (Even if you can’t actually see it!)

Favorite Food: Curry
Life Goal: Be able to support my parents when they grow old as a thanks for all they’ve done for me.
Favorite item: Glowstone or wool
Superpower: Super sleeping (The power to sleep for long periods of time over eight hours!)
Greatest Accomplishment: Finding and catching all Pokémon in the Hoenn Region!
Most unusual thing you own: Dragonball air freshener (Smells like orange!)
Favorite Real World Activity: Playing video games and watching anime.



What’s up everyone! My name’s 2ndstreetguy. I’m currently studying Business at Loyola Marymount University. I have been coding, modding, exploring, fighting, crafting, and building in the Minecraft world for almost 8 years and have enjoyed every bit of it! If you don’t see me building in survival, I’m probably exploring the dark, spooky caves finding valuable gems!

Favorite Food: Pasta!

Life Goal: To be happy and to enjoy what I’m doing for a job!

Favorite Item: Hardened Clay

Superpower: Being fearless! I love adventure and love doing activities that are fun and exciting!

Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming an Eagle Scout! The whole Boy Scouts organization is amazing and I’ve learned so many skills and have had multiple unforgettable adventures with my Boy Scout troop.

Most unusual thing you own: While this isn’t necessarily “unusual”, I own lots of early 2000’s trading cards, like Pokemon, Yugioh, and MTG. Still a fan of those franchises :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite Real World Activity: Spending time with my family! It could be watching a movie, riding our bikes, camping, etc

College: University of California, Riverside

Studies: Computer Engineering


Hello, everyone! I’m ExtraFancyRice, and it’s a pleasure to meet you :slight_smile: Some of my hobbies include playing games, reading and writing, and helping people smile. I love school and working with people, and I just got my BA from Azusa pacific university in Applied Psychology!

Favorite Food: Only the fanciest rice-- and potatoes!
Life Goal: My current dream is to be a school counselor
Favorite item: In minecraft? Definitely glowstone.
Superpower: I pick up new ideas pretty quickly
Greatest Accomplishment: Teaching my mom how to play video games and Tag-teaming Kingdom Hearts in expert mode-- we didn’t die once!
Most unusual thing you own: A little 3 legged pig; legend has it the 3 legs scare away bad luck, but invites it in when the pig gets knocked over. I got it from a museum Freshman year of HS and it grew on me
Favorite Real World Activity: Video games and video game inspired arts/crafts! And reading, I’m always down for adventure!


Hello everyone! I’m PrairieEyes. I’m currently at NYU studying game design, which is one of my biggest passions! When I have time outside of connected camps and school (which isn’t that often!) I love putting together group costumes, playing D&D/other board games and organizing events (my first degree was in event management). I was even part of a Minecraft webseries once!
You can check it out here:

And entire episode is about me : )

Favorite Food: Poutine

Life Goal: To make my own escape the room game. Maybe a Minecraft version in camp as well ; )

Favorite Item: Stained glass blocks in all of their lovely colours.

Greatest Accomplishment: I got to show a game I made at E3!!

Favorite Real World Activity: LARPing (Live Action Role Play) and convincing others to LARP with me!

<img src=>


Hi everyone! I’m Bakabaka1! Ignoring what my username means I’m currently a fourth-year Computer Engineer major studying at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (a mouthful I know…). I’m an avid gamer, reader, and watcher of televisions shows and anime. I love farming and exploration in Minecraft. My favorite shows are “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who” so if you’re interested in those too feel free to talk to me! :smiley:
<img src=>

Favorite Food: Sushi and most anything you can find at a Korean Barbecue and ramen and apples and chicken and…I love food… :grin:
Life Goal: :smile_cat: Have a house full of cats :smile_cat:
Favorite Item: Banners…ALL the banners…
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Architecture Building with everyone and farming.
Superpower: I have the great power of having a boisterous laugh that can be heard and recognized from far away! :triumph:
Greatest Accomplishment: Traveled and experienced so many places around the world
Most unusual thing you own: An encyclopedia set that is missing volumes 21 and 8 :rage:
Favorite Real World Activity: Archery!!! :bow_and_arrow: :heart_eyes:


Hi everyone, I’m MiHyunBae! I currently attend University of California, Irvine as a Computer Game Science major and work in the eSports/video game collegiate scene! You’ll see me on the server as a blue snow fairy, especially during Glowstone Gallery events! I’ve been a mod for almost 1 year and it’s been great to grow with everyone :blush:

<img src=>

Favorite Item: Ocelot eggs to spawn more cats ~

Favorite Minecraft Activity: Elytra racing!

Favorite Youtuber: VanossGaming and his friends! :heart:

Superpower: ShapeShifting! We have /disguise in Minecraft to help with that :smile:

Most Unusual Thing You Own: This is just between you and me but… I collect video games. I have over 500 video games ranging from GameBoy Colour, PlayStation 2, to PC. Our secret, okay? :wink:

Can’t wait to meet you all!


Hey everyone! I’m AzureDragon013 and I’m currently a third year Computer Game Science major at UCI! I’ve been playing Minecraft for around five years, starting all the way back in beta. I love doing cool builds in creative and talking with everyone so don’t be afraid to talk to me or ask me to build together with you! Otherwise I am very passionate about video games and anime and will always be open to talking about them!

<img src=>

Favorite Food: Ramen
Life Goal: Become a successful video game designer
Favorite Item: Birch Wood Planks (they look so nice to build with)
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Glowstone Gallery and other build challenges!
Superpower: Staying up really late without needing sleep
Greatest Accomplishment: Hosting a gaming LAN at UCi and other gaming events!
Most Unusual thing You Own: Kings of Tokyo board game
Favorite Real World Activity: Playing board games and hanging out with friends!


Hello everyone! I’m zaxxon825, but you can just call me Zack. I’ve been Minecraft for almost six years now since the beta days. My favorite things to do in Minecraft are making minigames and experiences for other’s to play.

Favorite Food: Cheeseburgers and Fries from In-N-Out
Life Goal: Being involved in game development
Favorite Item: Dirt, because building a mud hut house to start off is super easy!
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Any survival challenge
Superpower: Flying
Greatest Accomplishment: I helped design an app designed for children on the Autism Spectrum that placed second in a competition
Most Unusual Thing You Own: A large collection of retro portable game systems and games
Favorite Real World Activity: Working out and training


Hello, I’m VIVIDfiasco. I love survival and building villages and homes that are self-sufficient for any explorer’s needs. I also enjoy the occasional competitive games such as spleef. #currentreigningcounselor I am an avid reader and gardener and I enjoy gaming as a hobby as well as cooking and baking. I really enjoy Survival Club and Game Design offered here at Connected Camps.

Favorite Item: The heads zaxxon825 spam spawns to rain upon us.
Favorite Youtuber: Too many to list but I am subscribed to many a Let’s Players (even some of you campers!) and food recipe bloggers.
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Survival Club and Game Design
Superpower: I’m not making the same mistake as Spiderman and Iron Man. slips on glasses
Greatest Accomplishment: Making it this far in life without serious injury. I’m very prone to tripping and am a hot magnet for cars while crossing the street (When it’s a green light!).
Most Unusual Thing You Own: My name. It’s a fruit. :stuck_out_tongue:
Favorite Real World Activity: Gardening, baking, cooking, reading and drawing!
College: University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
Studies: Health Care Administration, Nursing, IT, Communications


I’m shintear. I love working on building challenges of all kinds; especially those with large scopes. I also enjoy the calmer side of Minecraft when you can just hang out in survival and help out friends.


Favorite Food: Bread of all kinds
Life Goal: To leave a mark on the video game industry
Favorite Item: Stone Brick
Favorite Kid Club Activity: Building Competitions
Superpower: Instantaneous construct formation
Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming an Eagle Scout
Most Unusual Thing You Own: An authentic machete from Costa Rica
Favorite Real World Activity: Drawing designs on paper

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