LONDON- Build a city in a week


Welcome to our summer kid club event series where each week we will take on the challenge of constructing a city in 5 days. This week we are building the city of London, England.

London Day 1:

Today we kicked things off by building a busy London docks complete with ships, boats, wooden decking and warehouses to store all the goods that the boats bring in to the city.


London Day 2:

Today we constructed several really cool, unique bridges across the river. We also began building a secret underground base that might just be the new MI5 headquarters.


London Day 3:

Today we worked as a team to construct a towering London apartment building for everyone to live in.


London Day 4:

Today campers worked together to build a very fancy Buckingham Palace for the royal family of England. It features a throne room with redstone lighting, gold and red carpeting and even a colorful dance floor on the second floor.

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