How To: Trade Signs


Welcome to AreaShop Trade Signs: The Minitorial

Things you’ll need are money, items for selling or trading, and a sign.

The First type of sign you’ll encounter is selling your item to other players. Below is an example using Allium.

First Line: [Trade]
Second Line: The amount of money you want for the item (ie: $2)
Third Line: Amount the person receives:# of item available for purchase.

Here you’ll see that I am selling Allium flowers for $2. For every $2, they’ll receive 1 flower. I have 64 flowers in stock so they can buy up to 64 flowers. You MUST have the item in question in your inventory at the time of sign creation. Be it 1 or 1000, you cannot create the sign without it. It will also give you an error if you try to sell more than you have. If you have 30 Allium and try to make a sign for 50, it will not work.

Now that my sign is successfully created, you’ll see that 64 Allium has been taken from my inventory and that the second line has changed. The $2:0 means that you’re selling for $2 and the 0 denotes how much your sign has made thus far.

Seeing as I originally placed 64 Allium and none has sold, I have $0 to collect. To collect, you just need to right click on the sign.

Here I’ll do the same with Leather Chestplates. When the name of the item is too long, you may want to use their item id and specify near it what the item is.

Here is a link with all the IDs:

You can also replenish your stock or add more of the item to the sign as you see here. I originally had a sign of 5 leather chestplates and I added another by right clicking while holding the item. The second line then changes as it accommodated an extra chestplate.

You can also do the opposite and buy certain items from players as well.

First Line: [Trade]
Second Line: # of items you want
Third Line: $$ You’ll Give:How many transactions available

For every 10 bones, I’ll give them $3. This time the :0 is next to the item name. That denotes how much the sign has collected from other players. Right clicking on the sign will give you the item.

Finally, you can also trade items for other items.
Line 1: [Trade]
Line 2: Item you want.
Line 3: Item you’re trading for it.

Here I am trading 1 grass for 1 dirt.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: If anything is confusing or you’d like more indepth explanation, let me know!

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