How To: Play "Capture the Flag"


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What is Capture the Flag?
Capture the flag is one of the most well-loved minigames in Minecraft! There are several variations of capture the flag, but first, we’ll describe the simplest version. The simplest version involves 2 teams, red and blue as you can see on the picture above. The goal of the game is to score 10 points first before the enemy team!

When you enter the red-blue gate, it automatically chooses a team for you. This is so we’ll get an even amount of players on each team. You will get a set of items (like weapons, armor, and food) when the game starts, so make sure to use them to your advantage!

Warp: /zone ctf

How do you score a point?
Well, there are roughly 3 ways you can score a point for your team — Bomb, Cake, and Flag. Read more of them below to see how they work!

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The bomb is located at the top of the cobble tower. To score a point, you must take the bomb (left-click on it once) and then take it to the enemy spawn to blow it up! Make sure to take it to their “spawn” and not their wool “tower.”

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The cake is located inside the tower. To score a point, you must take the cake (hold left-click until you break it) and take it back to your spawn! Again, not your tower, but the spawn behind it!

Note: The cake is pretty useful, not only does it give your team 1 point, it also restores your team’s health pool. The health pool gets depleted when an enemy player kills one of your teammates. When your team’s health pool gets depleted to 0, it gives 1 point to the enemy team, so make sure to replenish the pool whenever you can.

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Lastly, you can score a point by taking the enemy flag and bringing it back to your spawn. The flags are located on top of the wool towers. To take it, you have to break it (hold left-click) and run back to your spawn. Usually they’re the hardest to get because the enemy team’s going to be on top of the tower sniping would-be thieves. So be on the lookout!

Team spawns
In case you were wondering what the “spawns” look like, here they are for both teams! Now that you’re ready to play Capture the Flag, go up and onward!
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