Glowstone University Science Fair! 🔬🏫⭐


With March comes prime science season…just kidding! EVERY season is science season! Campers gather from all around the server to show off their fantastic projects. Everything from redstone contraptions, creative experiments, and even creative displays are welcome!

March 2nd, 4pm PST was the first ever Glowstone University Science Fair! Of 10 participants judges chose three projects that impressed them the most. Every scientist brought something fun and interesting to the fair, but these three shone brightest with their technical skill and creativity:

3rd place: xDarkDiamond with his mostly functional giant auto-smelter
2nd place: AssassinSquid33 with his impressive and jaw-dropping ghost block generator
1st place: SenseiSpark with his unique random item dispenser

There were many impressive displays at the fair this time. Be sure to come back for the next one on March 10th at 4pm PST!


Yet another successful science fair!
The winners of the 2nd bi-weekly Glowstone University Science Fair are:
1st Place: xDarkDiamond’s automatic melon farm
2nd Place: L33Tech’s wool collector
3rd Place: SuperJimmyNinja’s unending rollercoaster

Other wonderful contraptions:


Wowza! I was really impressed with the displays this time. Let’s take a look!

Our winners this week are:
1st: AssassinSquid33 and his efficient and tileable automatic sugarcane farm
2nd: zchtiger with her scientific light experiement
3rd: MrXXS with his stunningly fast firework machine!

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