Girls Survival: Yellow Team


Expedition Members: DragonIceEyes, ga25ga, Kbell9, kiki53, LouLouLindsey

Our expedition set out on Monday, June 27th. Together, the campers went beyond their initial spawn point and quested to find the perfect villaging spot! Through adventures with witches and other struggles, these brave and bold campers were able to form an advanced base camp, complete with their own dog! In the not so distant future, we will work together to find the perfect name for the colony!

Here’s a picture of the yellow colony’s faithful sidekick! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these adventurers!


Expedition Members: DragonIceEyes, ga25ga, Kbell9, kiki53, LouLouLindsey

Continuing on the expedition, today, on Wednesday, June 29th. Along with attending the spectacular party with all of the teams! The girls added a parkour and expanded their trampoline.
Here’s on overview of the camp! Shoutout to LouLouLindsey for making an awesome parkour today!
Tomorrow, I hope our team can find diamonds!


Oh I heard about the parkour thing on chat! Was too busy to check it out. I’ll go look at it tomorrow. :smiley: Yellow Team’s getting fancy~


Expedition Members: DragonIceEyes, ga25ga, Kbell9, kiki53, LouLouLindsey

The girls had a very productive day today, on Thursday, June 30th; they built a nether portal, expanded on their base, found diamonds, and even had some pet dogs!

A picture of the base at the end of day 4, it was great to see the improvements on the base. In this picture, you can also see the nether portal, that LouLouLindsey created!

ga25ga and Kbell9 had some pet dogs!

Team action shot featuring the team collecting obsidian!


Expedition Members: ThePinkMinion, DragonIceEyes, ga25ga, Kbell9, kiki53, LouLouLindsey

Today, Friday, July 1st, was the last day of girls survival camp :cry: The girls, however, were still very productive! Although we didn’t add the base that much, LouLouLindsey created a water slide, which all the girls loved playing on! Additionally, we explored the nether and attended a party!

Team Selfie! Though KBell9 isn’t pictured, she was still a great member of the team!

We started to explore the nether and even found a fortress, however we didn’t get very far.

The girls enjoyed playing on the trampoline and waterslide on their last day of camp

This was a great group of campers! I hope to see you all soon on kids club!


Also wanted to give a shoutout to every member of yellow team for the sweet messages they left!

“Thank you to everyone who made this camp possible”
“I will miss this camp and all of the players who helped bring it together. I will miss you all. Bye! -Kiki53”
“I will miss you guys. Best camp yayyyyy!- DragonIceEyes”
“Tremendous job yellow team”

“The Best Camp EVER”
“Will be missed :frowning:
“Had an amazing time!!”

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