Girls Survival Red Team: Scarlet Savanna Endergirls, w/ Iron Golem mascot "Savanna"


Day 1
Expedition Members: ExtraFancyRice, CloverLeaf318, coolgirl311, EllieJG, Ringo1940, FairyKay, FireObsidian.

Our expedition set out on Monday, June 27th. We founded the new colony on the edge of the desert. The first day was exciting! We got lots of acacia wood. We managed to get a cool farm going too!. For tomorrow we are planning on expanding and naming our town!

Here are some shots of the farm, and the stairs leading up to the main house.


Day 3

<img src=>

Expedition Members: musuney, CloverLeaf318, coolgirl311, EllieJG, Ringo1940, FairyKay, FireObsidian.

Alrighty campers! Lots of things happened today but mostly the surprise PARTY! Screenshots of that world event located here. It was so fun. We’ll be doing another community event soon before the camp ends, and if you have suggestions, feel free to post them here or anywhere labelled Girls’ Survival. :smiley:

Additionally, we added new things into the colony including an improvement on the Crop area (it’s basically a crop tower!) as well as a cobble Armory where we’ll keep our stuff.

Crop Tower
<img src=>

Cobble Armory
<img src=>

I remember FireObsidian was exploring the mines and she struck gold! She then went on to mine lots of materials which I think was very hardworking of her.

Oh and when I asked what we should build next, Ringo suggested that we should build a castle, but we’ll need materials for that. Might have to go on a journey! And FairyKay is up and running to build the Town Hall which everyone can help build tomorrow. OR we can make the Town Hall look like a castle! So many things to do with so little time… ;_; But we’ll make it! I believe in the Red Team!

To Red Team: We need a name!

We need to come up with a name! I have a suggestion, Queens of Acacia! Because Acacia sounds like a place and we wanted to build a castle where we will all reside in. haha but if you don’t like that, post your suggestions below and we can vote on a name! :smiley:


Apologies for the late post! But here it is and full of content, I hope it doesn’t disappoint! :smiley:

Day 4

So many new sheep colors!
<img src=>
Expedition Members: musuney, CloverLeaf318, coolgirl311, EllieJG, Ringo1940, FairyKay, FireObsidian.

We were extremely productive today. We had a lot of exciting new additions to our colony! I couldn’t get a picture of all of them since the server closed, but I will tomorrow!

  1. Armory expansion
  2. Farm expansion
  3. Nether portal
  4. Town Hall
  5. Came up with our team name!
  6. Savanna, the Iron Golem mascot
  7. Fishing area
  8. coolgirl311’s house
  9. Main hillside house improvement

I personally expanded our armory to harbor more chests and furnaces because it was getting a bit cozy inside. Beside the armory is an expansion of the farm with more crops for food. EllieJG helped me build it and she added signs and helped me plant the crops — it was mainly to bring the colony more food so we can explore the nether further!

Inside the improved Armory
<img src=>

Armory and Farm expansions
<img src=>

Speaking of the nether, we finally built a Nether portal! I believe everyone went exploring both together and separately during different times. We got some blaze rods for a potion stand, to which we’ll be making a witch’s hut soon to house the brewing area! We fought wither skeletons, magma cubes, and angry Pigmen to gather glowstone and quartz blocks for the colony, which was awesome!

Complete nether portal
<img src=>

EllieJG and I decided to explore the nether ever so briefly
<img src=>

FairyKay also added in a Town Hall for everyone near the entrance to one of our mines. We took a minecraft selfie (lol) inside the completed Town Hall with everyone! And then we proceeded to discuss what name our team should have. Instead of a round table discussion, we did a square table discussion, and we came up with an amazing name — Scarlet Savanna Endergirls! Ringo1940 comes up with amazing names and we decided to stick to this one! “Scarlet” because it’s better than red. :smiley: And the addition “Savanna” also has a special meaning in this name, but you have to read on to find out! As for “Endergirls,” well we once killed an enderman so there’s that. Plus it sounds cool!

Town Hall Entrance
<img src=>

Minecraft selfie with the team
<img src=>

Discussing the team name
<img src=>

Now onto the main event of the day, we decided to have a mascot for red team! It all came to when FireObsidian said she fished out a nametag and FairyKay said hey, we should have a mascot for our team and name it! So then I suggested we should get an iron golem, and everyone agreed! CloverLeaf318 provided the iron blocks (lots of iron ingots, 36 to be exact) and the pumpkin which she grew in the Crop tower! Now when we discussed what name we should give it, alas Ringo1940 came to the rescue and suggested “Savanna!” Hence the name Savanna in our team name. Clever eh?

Savanna’s a bit shy as you can see
<img src=>

Lastly, I mentioned that FireObsidian caught a nametag while fishing right? Apparently someone built a fishing area near the boat and I missed the chance to take a picture. ;_; There were also other new additions like coolgirl311’s house (and the road leading to it) as well as the slightly improved community house on the hill — someone added red glass panes!

The team spirit is strong on this colony, and we’re not afraid to show it! FireObsidian and coolgirl311 I believe are currently working on getting everyone red shields! There might be another team picture tomorrow for our last day. I can hardly wait! But until then, the Scarlet Savanna Endergirls will see you guys again tomorrow for our last and final day at the colony! Spread the Red my friends!

P.S. I found this while exploring the colony, hidden underneath the main community house somewhere on the hill. lol Whoever named this miner entrance deserves a virtual :cookie:.
<img src=>


Kids Club

<img src=>

A lot of the campers were asking where Kid Club was and we just wanted to let you guys know that we’ll be sending out an e-mail with more information on it! But basically it’s a free server that all the campers are eligible to join. It contains minigames, survival bazaar (buy and sell), and lots of different activities every week!

We also held a farewell party for the last day. More photos of that event here.

Day 5, Final Day
<img src=>
Expedition Members: musuney, CloverLeaf318, coolgirl311, EllieJG, Ringo1940, FairyKay, FireObsidian.

Bittersweet last day today, but I just wanted to say it was amazing working with these campers! Everyone was so helpful as a group. I joined in as an extra counselor on Day 3 and didn’t exactly know what to expect. But everything worked out well because all 6 ladies were amazing!

Now onto the happenings of this glorious day! I finally took screenshots of the things that I couldn’t yesterday. Additionally, there were more additions to the colony! But I’m gonna do something different to this post and make it like a summary of the colony through pictures. Like an album with captions!

Coolgirl311’s house
<img src=>
See it looks small from the outside but it actually burrows down a bit underground to reveal the bare necessities to survive in this world. Just a bit about coolgirl311, I developed a certain camaraderie with her when I fought alongside her to defeat a Ghast and Pigmen in the nether, and both Endermen and the Enderdragon in the End!

Ringo1940’s house
<img src=>
I didn’t even realize she was building this house, but I think it was during the fight with the Enderdragon. The sign she put up kind of confused me. It says “please don’t come in without my ok” and then it says “ok” on the sign. Does that mean it’s ok to go in? (I went in anyway lol). Explain this to me in Kids Club Ringo!

<img src=>
Armory was improved yet again! Now you can go up to the second floor (where we found an enderman who was stuck, we called it our watchman). Someone also added in banners! I told you the team spirit is strong on the Scarlet Savanna Endergirls

<img src=>
Speaking of a watchman, FairyKay thought up a great idea when we defeated the watchman enderman. She built this tall and awesome watchtower by the ocean so it’s easier to scout for invaders of the colony! I made that last bit up, but it could still be true!

<img src=>
Finally took a picture of the docks! Very simple but it’s multi-purpose — fishing area and a place to keep our boats. I’ve personally used one of the boats to cross the sea because the big boat was apparently perpetually anchored to the shore.

Crop Tower (inside)
<img src=>
I realized I never took a picture of the interior of the crop tower so here it is! Two levels of all kinds of crops from beet root, to pumpkins (to create our mascot, Savanna), to watermelons, and wheat! And before I forget to mention, it was CloverLeaf318 who built the Crop Tower. Great job Clover!

<img src=>
We journeyed to the nether quite briefly. This was the only screenshot I could take as I was busy running away from Blazes, a Ghast, and some angry Pigmen. But I believe that’s FireObsidian and Ringo1940 in the picture gathering netherrack to build the witch hut! Unfortunately we couldn’t finish the witch hut, but it was fun to be in the nether again nonetheless!

End Portal
<img src=>
Remember I mentioned how we fought an Enderdragon? Well this was the portal we used! I kind of cheated though, and used my mod powers to build it. But I thought it was fitting since this was the last day and we were going to the “End.”

Enderdragon/Toothless fight
<img src=>
Definitely hard to take a screenshot as I am being sprayed by purple dragon fire. A bit sad that I couldn’t take a picture of the girls fighting it. BUT I’d like you to know that the Scarlet Savanna Endergirls defeated it! I’m not sure who struck the final blow (I died) but we slayed it! At one point, we were all in the arena trying to shoot it down! Great job everyone!

Fireworks Show
<img src=>

<img src=>

<img src=>

As a final goodbye, I put up a simple fireworks show on the watchtower until the server closed! EllieJG enjoyed it immensely! It was great playing with everyone on this camp, I had such a great time. I hope all you Endergirls did too! On the screenshot below, that higher firework was the last firework to explode. I made sure to take a screenshot of the end of things!

I hope we see all the girls back next year on more camps. Feedback is appreciated, and we’ll make the next camp better than this year! And again, everyone could always go to Kids Club to meet some of the campers on this camp again. I see Ringo1940 a lot on the Kids Club server. Play with us through minigames, build challenges, survival bazaar, and lots of cool things every week.

Thank you for participating in the Girls’ Survival Camp as the Scarlet Savanna Endergirls, it wouldn’t have gone so well without all 6 of you — CloverLeaf318, coolgirl311, EllieJG, Ringo1940, FairyKay, FireObsidian! (special mention to Savanna too)

<img src=>

P.S. I thought a last picture of Savanna was also proper.
Thanks for protecting the colony, we’ll miss you big girl!
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