Girls Survival Purple Team: The Amulet Holders, Keepers of the Nether Portal


Expedition Members: ThePinkMinion, pvpskilz, Sammy117, zozohado24, KatieNinjago, karate gift, MistyMatchy, PRGMinecraft

We started our colony on Monday, June 27th, and strived to build an awesome area for survival! We managed to build an amazing base, start a mine, and head to the nether!

This is an overview of our colony, in the extreme hills, we built our seven story base at the top of the hill in the extreme hill biome, we have also made a bridge linking two hills.

A couple of campers found a nether fortress! Tomorrow, we are hoping to explore the fortress together as a group!


Today was a very exciting day for our lovely ladies!
The team decided that today was the day to use the nether portal! Unfortunately… many of us weren’t ready for such a feat yet. However, teammates that were more prepared worked very diligently to help the other campers get up to speed-- shoutout to PVPSkilz for being such a great leader today!

MistyMatchy lead our campers in a rowboat on an expedition that reached another biome! Some campers and myself embarked alongside in hopes of finding other forms of life, while being very careful not to have weapons or destroy too much. We were unable to find another colony, but we did get some valuable items for our quest for survival!

The girls are doing wonderful working together and our colony is coming along nicely! The amount of teamwork is inspiring and it’s great to see how well the girls are keeping their teammates well fed, equipped and included-- even in this photo!

Nice work, ladies! Let’s make our last day our best!


It’s so nice to see these girls becoming closer everyday. I love how they built the stage to take the picture :joy:


Today was the last day of Girls’s survival camp-- one of our campers decided that today was the day to take on… the enderdragon!
…erm… Toothless.
After an impressive feat, PVPSkilz represented team Amulet and made us the first colony to take down the enderdragon!
They moved his egg into a safe space, so he wouldn’t get hurt anymore and could stay with the colony forever!

Thanks for the memories, Team Amulet! We look forward to watching you grow on the Glowstone server or other summer camps!

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