Girls Survival: Orange Team


Expedition Members: ILoveDogs1213, magicalpandagirl, oxThatOneGirlxo, Petluv4k, Piperlove1626

Our expedition set out on Monday, June 27th. We founded the Orange Colony, and in the future, we are planning on coming up with a cute name for it! The first day was excellent! We managed to establish a good base and started a farm. New players got more familiar with the game, and the girls got along well! Today, we all went mining, found some huge caves and managed to find a few diamonds and lots of iron! We also expanded our base. For tomorrow we are planning on getting the girls to continue our farm to make sure we have a substantial food source and continue gathering resources to make our colony the best it can possibly be! It has been a successful two days in the orange colony so far!

The Orange Colony’s base so far! (Day 2)


Expedition Members: ILoveDogs1213, magicalpandagirl, oxThatOneGirlxo, Petluv4k, Piperlove1626

Day 3 of our survival colony went great!
There was a server-wide party that all the girls went to, and they had a blast!
The girls also continued to expand their tree-top base higher in the sky! They even made some cookies, and tomorrow we are planning on gathering enough materials to make a cake for the team!

The orange colony has expanded their base into the tree-tops of the jungle!


Expedition Members: ILoveDogs1213, magicalpandagirl, Petluv4k, Piperlove1626

Our expedition continued on Thursday, June 30th. We made lots of progress on our colony in the jungle! Today, we managed to make a nether portal and briefly explore the nether.

The orange team’s nether portal!

Our team photo in our treetop base!


Wow, this base is so cool! The girls did such a great job building their colony. I’ll have to check it out tomorrow.


Today, July 1st, was the last day in the Orange colony.:cry:
However, the girls had a blast! We hung out at the base for a short time, until we headed out to a server-wide party!

The girls created a character in their base called Jonny the Workbench :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the island where the party took place! The tall tower on the right is a diving board where the girls learned how to fly using elytra wings!
It was a super fun day today, and definitely a fantastic week here in the Girls’ Survival Colony!
Hope to see you all on Kid Club this summer! :smiley:

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