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Feel free to share pictures, ideas, and adventures here for all to see! This is a place to show off the event happenings of the ever fabulous Girls Survival squad!

Girls Survival Red Team: Scarlet Savanna Endergirls, w/ Iron Golem mascot "Savanna"

The girls also saw a baby polar bear build an igloo at the party today!

They returned to the igloo once they saw the baby had grown up!


Today Broadcast threw the campers an amazing party!

There was lots of food for the girls to eat-- every lady needs a good snack once in a while

There were even fireworks that everybody got to sit and enjoy together!

Lots of guests came to visit us! Even… A GIANT ZOMBIE! WHOA!

It was really nice seeing the colonies come together and get to socialize and exchange adventures! Thanks everyone for making it a day to remember!


I present to thee, TOOTHLESS! We had Toothless visit us during the party. I don’t know about you guys but this could totes be a movie. See what I did there? “totes” ala toothless? ha ha… Okay I’ll show myself out. It was funnier in my head.
<img src=>

The party was amazing, everyone (at least I hope everyone) had so much fun. Amidst the giant zombie, baby polar bear, fireworks and raining cookies, porkchops, and cake, I think that was a successful party.
<img src=>

To campers:

If you guys have screenshots, post them! Not only do we enjoy interacting with everyone inside the game, we also like reading your posts on the forums. We’re like kids on Christmas when we see your posts! It gets a bit lonely that only the mods are posting. ;_; I mean I’ll personally give you a virtual :cookie: tomorrow if I see you post. :smiley:


Farewell Party

So we held another party to bid goodbye to all the campers on the last day! Here are pictures of the event. @Krafty7 took a group picture with most of the campers and the mods and I believe those will be included in an e-mail as well! But without further ado, here are some pictures of the event. Fireworks galore!

Last Day Sign
<img src=>

Elytra course to the right, the tall iron tower with the burning circle
<img src=>

Mods trying to get all the campers in the stage for the group picture
<img src=>

Me trying to take a selfie while the photo was being taken lol
<img src=>

Girls Survival Red Team: Scarlet Savanna Endergirls, w/ Iron Golem mascot "Savanna"

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