Girls Survival Blue Team: Magical Radical Snow Bunnies


Expedition Members: Krafty7, alixlittlelamb, AstridHofferson3, Azergagash, Ccolossal, wonderous_woman

Our expedition set out on Monday, June 27th. We founded the new colony on the frozen coast. The first day was tough; the frozen tundra is pretty low on natural resources. We managed to build a simple shelter and begin a tree farm. For tomorrow we are planning on expanding our farms and getting a mine going and maybe we can finally find a name for our colony!

Here’s a shot of the tree farm. Let’s make it even bigger!


Greetings! Today was a blast! Blue team has officially adopted the name:
:dizzy: Magical Radical Snow Bunnies :dizzy:

The home base now bears our name!! :smiley:

We now also have a new home (beautifully decorated) and an upgraded fishing hut.


Magical Radical Snow Bunnies forever!!!

We made lost of progress on our colony today. Almost everyone has a fishing rod now, so we now have a more reliable source of food! :fried_shrimp: :fried_shrimp: :fried_shrimp:

alixlittlelamb and Ccolossal fishing together on the ice

Azer, Lamb, Wonderous, and Ccolossal made a little house together! (shhh, they’re sleeping. Don’t wake them!)

We started a castle too!

Group photo in front of the main cabin.

:rabbit: See you tomorrow! :rabbit:

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We wrapped up our final day here at Girls Survival Camp Week 1, and it was awesome!
The Magical Radical Snow Bunnies are quite the fisherwomen! And Azergagash was truly devoted to finding diamonds in the mines. At the server wrap-up party we took a great group photo.

Last team photo in front of the house - with snow!!!

Thanks everyone for an awesome time!!! Girls Survival Camp was a roaring success
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I hope to see you all there! :smiley:

##Magical Radical Snow Bunnies FOR EVER!!!

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