Getting started in survival Minecraft


You just spawned in your first Minecraft SURVIVAL world. The sun is shining … but not for long. There will be darkness soon and bad, bad things!

If you’ve played a lot of creative-mode Minecraft, you probably know how to build things and move around the world and explore. But if you haven’t played survival-mode, here are some tips to help you:

Day One Priorities:

  1. Gather wood - build basic tools: workbench, sword, pick, axe, shovel
  2. Build a shelter - it can be as simple as a hole in the ground … or inside a giant mushroom
  3. Make torches - build an oven with cobblestone (8 pieces), use sticks for fuel, burn wood logs to get charcoal, combine charcoal with sticks to make torches
  4. Light up your shelter … and wait out the night (about 11 minutes real time)

Day Two Priorities
5. Gather food - break grass for seeds, plant seeds for wheat, combine wheat (3 pieces) for bread
OR … chop down oak trees for apples
OR … find a meat source like chickens, pigs or cows – do not kill them all!
6. Gather more wood … a LOT more
7. Upgrade wooden tools to stone tools (you can use the old wooden tools to fuel the furnace)
8. Start mining!

For those of you who play survival mode, what do you think of this list? What do you do differently?


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