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Hey everybody, I’m Skargent, one of the counselors for the Game Design Summer Camp offered by Connected Camps. Game Design camp is a place for kids who are interested in making their own games. You’ll be working with a small group of people to learn about game mechanics, game development techniques and how to make great games. Plus, this is also a great opportunity to make friends with people who love playing and making games.

You’ll take existing mini-games and modify them to give them your personal creative touch, and along the way you’ll be learning and applying professional game development techniques. We’ll start with a basic version of each mini-game and work together to build upon its core mechanics.

The minigames we’ll be focusing on are:

Ender Golf: The classic game of minigolf, with an Ender twist.
Dungeon Design: Create a dangerous dungeon for adventurers to explore.
Capture the Flag: Build an arena designed for team-based combat.

Game Design is all about experimentation and creativity. What makes our Game Design course unique is that kids can jump right into the creative process without needing to learn higher-level tools such as game engines or programming. Minecraft is a familiar environment for kids that gives them the freedom to create anything they can imagine, which lends itself to building fun, interesting games.

Our camp lasts 1 week and is made up of 5 sessions, Monday through Friday, for 2 hours a day.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up today! I hope to see you all there!

Week of 6/27 - Game Design Camp

Hey everybody! It’s zaxxon825 here! We have some great videos to show you to help you get started on with the game design camp! :smile: Check them out below!

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Ender Minigolf:

Capture the Flag:

10 Dungeon Traps:

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